animation update

This is a really quick one, to report that Pete the cameraman, and Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra director James Slater and I worked a flat-out fourteen hours today to complete all the photography and animation for The Soldier’s Tale. So weary was I by the end…. with every joint aching from crawling around on my knees all day… that when I animated the flames immolating poor Joseph, the horror of it all hit me quite hard and I almost blubbed. He’d performed so valiantly for three solid days… gallant little maquette… that I hated it when fate in the person of the Devil blasted him to kingdom come. (My fault too, because I chose to do it this way, to toughen up the ending and make it visceral. More usually in stagings of the piece the Devil just drags Joseph away.) Oh I am too tired to think straight any more, so I shall bid you all goodnight. The Artlog will rest tomorrow… as shall I… and I’ll be back on Friday with more news. Until then…

Poor little Joseph.

4 thoughts on “animation update

  1. Well done Clive!
    Your work for this project has been consistantly brilliant,
    Even more incredible given the time constraints.

    it’s been a real privilage to be allowed to follow every step of your progress.

    P.S. it looks a little like Joseph has appeared (whole again) for his curtain bow in your final image!

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