the devil’s pack of cards

Tonights task has been to draw cards for the game between Joseph and the Devil. These are the last of the ‘props’ to be made for The Soldier’s Tale, and I would have dearly loved to have deleted them from my ‘to do’ list, but they’re essential to the narrative. Moreover tomorrow I’m sure we’ll be getting to that scene, and so after supper tonight I bit the bullet and got working. I’ll set the alarm for 6.30 tomorrow, and finish a couple more before the animation session begins.

Making these has been fun, even though I was really too tired for the task. Now I’m thinking how entertaining it would be to design a deck of cards, though I’m quite sure it’s  a commission that will never come my way!

18 thoughts on “the devil’s pack of cards

  1. Dear, dear boy. How many times must we say to you, “Never say never.” You just can’t predict what the future will bring, and it may very well bring you a commission to design playing cards. But wouldn’t a Tarot deck be a bit more interesting, after all? And I can guarantee there would be an instant market for a CH-J Tarot deck… just sayin’!!!

    • Tarot, yes, interesting. Hadn’t thought of that. I guess what appealed so much about making the few cards was working within the formal red, black and yellow livery that everyone recognises. I’d never given a moment of thought to any of it until I had to make a handful of playing cards for this project, and found that I really enjoyed spinning a variation on something so familiar.

  2. i *LOVE* these!! so vibrant, and the characters are fantastic…the king is amazing, and on the second one, i really love that huge sleeve with the tiny hand, the little shoes with the bulging calves, and the jeweled details. and the number card, with the smears and lines–it’s all *awesome*!

    • Ha ha. Well I’m pleased this so caught your imagination. Didn’t have time to give a lot of thought to it really, and in fact had put off the moment until really late in the day. But yes, I must confess I enjoyed doing them despite the last minute rush, and that like you, I’m quite keen on the smearing and fugitive drawn lines.

  3. I was thinking exactly the same re designing some cards as soon as I saw them…You should definitely do this once you’ve had a wee rest !

  4. I love playing card designs so it was a real treat to see these gorgeous images this morning, they’re scrumptious Clive. Best wishes for the final gallop and the animation today

    • Thanks Phil. Playing card design is definitely a field worth exploring. How about you giving it a go? A ‘collaged’ deck, maybe?

  5. You don’t say why you were putting this task off Clive. Was it just one thing too much to do or a reluctance to tackle the cards themselves? Can’t be the latter because they are just fabulous and have such style about them. Don’t mention making another deck…. on previous form you will start making them before you know it….

    • A little of both really, Lesley. I’d delayed because I didn’t much want to do them. They were a long put-off chore awaiting me at the finishing line. But as with so much, once I’d settled to the task I became wrapped in it, and could see the appeal of working within the framework of a really beautiful traditional design.

  6. Well done dearheart, keep going, take loads of vit c and congratulations. I would love to be a fly on the wall during the animation process!

    • Vitamin C, yes, good idea. Thanks for reminding me, Lorrie. I’ll do that. I have a long day ahead of me and I need to stay on top of things until the last frame is in the can. I find you can’t let your concentration lapse for an instant with animation. I think that I’ll sleep around the clock once the work is done. Why oh why is there always a sprint toward the end of any project, just when you feel least ready for it? Oh well, t’was ever thus!

      • Always is, and we are always so stretched , exhausted and unsure if we are completely on top of things at that stage. Crazy!
        Not long now, keep drinking water and topping up the c.
        Big hug.

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