maquettes seen through a mist

There are so many things to write about at the moment that I’m not quite sure where to begin. Let’s start with the rather nifty storage boxes I acquired yesterday on a shopping-trip with my friend Philippa in Cardiff. For too long my maquettes have been stuffed into large vintage box-files that need to be emptied in order to find anything. These new slim translucent boxes can hold 1 – 2 maquettes, and the contents can be immediately seen. I plan on getting a stack more of them so that my entire collection of maquettes can be properly housed. I love the way the figures look through the plastic. Dreamy!

Above: seen through the bottom of a box, the backs of maquettes and the spread tails of the many ‘brads’ that joint them.

Above: maquette for Equus (half horse/half man used on the cover of the forthcoming Penguin Classics edition of the play) and the very first maquette I produced, a hermit made for The Temptations of Solitude in 2003.

Above and below: two maquettes produced  for the series of paintings I made on the theme of Saint George and the Dragon in 2007.

Above: the Princess in her finery from The Soldier’s Tale.

However the true purpose of the day was to source materials for Mari Lwyd puppet-building, something that Philippa had such an unerring instinct for that the trip was a triumph of hunter/gathering, and the work-table is now practically buckling at the legs under the weight of treasures I’ve returned with to Ty Isaf.  (Brava, Philippa. You are a a star, and so is the arty/crafty scrapstore we visited in Cardiff, which turned up such a staggeringly good cache of unexpected materials!)

13 thoughts on “maquettes seen through a mist

  1. Ooh lucky you having a scrapstore. There are none near us which is probably fortunate as my house is already groaning under the layers of craft stuff.

  2. Belated birthday wishes Clive and it sounds like you had a fun and productive day!
    Seeing Equus has reminded me that I wrote to Penguin on 17th April to ask when and where I could purchase your cover publication of the play. No reply to date, I’ll try again.

    • Hi Jenny.

      A few people saw the new cover online at the Penguin website, ordered their copies and then found that the books sent to them were in the old jackets. There’s some problem regarding selling off the old stock in he warehouses before sending out the new edition. If you order from Penguin be sure to enquire before committing, so the same thing doesn’t happen to you. Me, I’m waiting until I see them in the shops, at which point I’ll purchase from a book-seller. (-;

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