the Mare’s Tale set grows higher

Neil Tilley at Stage Electrics continues apace with the set for The Mare’s Tale. Amazing to see that tiny, frail model of cardboard and paint, transform into this magnificent structure. Neil is clearly a craftsman of the first order, and I couldn’t wish for our set to be in more skilful hands.

Above: Neil trying out the first flight of the three that will climb to the chair at the top of the tower.

Below: two flights and one to go. The tower when complete will stand at just under eighteen feet.

Below: testing the treads.

16 thoughts on “the Mare’s Tale set grows higher

  1. It’s looking fantastic – I’m in awe of Neil’s skills, to have produced something’s so quickly that looks so well put together is quite a feat

    • Things will slow down for a while now as Neil has gone on holiday, though he’s left a list of things to be completed in his absence, including the construction of the chair and the cladding of some of the frames. On his return he’ll bolt everything together and do the metalwork. The finished set is due to arrive at Theatr Brycheiniog on the 19th, a week before rehearsals begin.

  2. Ooh so exciting This is good Clive. I can smell the wood from here! I always loved hanging round the set builders and special effects guys and gals. Being able to create something from nothing and lift ideas from paper to create a thing of beauty is something to be truly in awe of. I know I create costumes but I still appreciate the work of others. A great gift.

    • It is exciting, Jacqui. How I love it when the images are e-mailed to me. The last time I designed a set there was no world-wide-web and no home computers, and so I only rarely saw work-in-progress. These days I get twice-daily updates!

        • It did, thank you Jacqui. My apologies. I’ve been motoring on empty recently, trying to keep up with too many deadlines. But I should have remembered. Je suis désolé!

          They’re in my backpack with my miniature puppet sketchbook!

          • good, I know you have been so busy which is why I didn’t ask before. Glad they have arrived. Mine are going to France next Thursday so I’ll see if they are any good. Apparently we are near the Canal du Midi so I am hopeful of lovely views and am looking forward to a visit to Carcassonne which I’ve been looking forward to for many years. It reminds me of some of your walled towns – maybe the designers of old also had amazing building blocks for inspiration …:-)

            • Carcassonne is wonderful. Peter and I visited quite a long time ago. Just a night en route to somewhere else, but we made sure we got the full experience, walking until our bones ached!

              I can think of no better way to design a walled-city than with the aid of an endless supply of wooden building-blocks!

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