Rima and Jane at Ciliau

The Sunday after the preview of The Mare’s Tale, Rima Staines and Tom Hiron, who had travelled far to be present for the performance, came to see Ciliau. Emma, who had loaned us her beautiful house while she was away on an adventure, had returned for the last few days of our stay in it, and Peter Rima, Tom and I had a ‘Farewell to Ciliau’ lunch with her in the garden before heading for our own homes, Rima and Tom to Devon and Peter, Jack and I to Ceredigion.

Tom is a mask maker and storyteller, and Rima is an artist with an interest in animation. (There are wonderful things to be found at her blog.) I unpacked the puppet of Jane Seyes from her box, and in an instant Rima was creating life in the little figure, all her energy and focus conjuring a performance of the utmost delicacy.  Back in Devon Rima will soon be working on a puppet project of her own, and judging from her skill at bringing Jane to life on the kitchen table at Ciliau, she’ll be creating something rather special. When there is more news about Rima’s project, I shall post about it here.

11 thoughts on “Rima and Jane at Ciliau

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  2. Thank you Clive for posting these and for your kind encouraging words, which have made all the difference. I look forward to sharing my own puppetry doings with everyone when they have more shape, but this moment you’ve captured here was certainly a turning point. Thank you for such a warm welcome and for spurring me on! It was tremendous to meet you both 🙂 We had a wonderful time.
    R xxx

  3. The Jane Seyes puppet is so haunting, it carries so much emotion – pure magic. Seeing it brought to life by Rima must have been very special. Congratulations on such a wonderful project!

  4. After stumbling on your Artlog during a Google search, I spent several weeks moving slowly from the last post to the first to to see and read about all the many marvellous things you do and the process which you document so nicely for us. I’ve just finished looking through The Soldier’s Tale. The making of it made very absorbing reading. It has been a revelation for me to see how you make your creative energy branch out into so many wonderful things.

    Also, I’ve been acquainted with Rima through her blog for a long time. My admiration for her work is immense and it is wonderful to see her here on your blog with Tom.

    • Hello Frank. What an endeavour, to have worked your way through so many posts. I’m obliged to you for so enthusiastically embracing the Artlog, and impressed by your stamina. Thank you. I hope we may continue to see you here. Please leave comments when moved to do so.

      • My goodness, did I give the impression that I went through your entire Artlog? Just the tags that interested me, and when I found the time 🙂
        I’m Priya, not Frank. Not moved, just clarifying.

        • Oh my! How did I get so muddled? Don’t know how I arrived at Frank, Priya, and I offer heartfelt apologies for the error. Put it down to bone-weariness after all the months of endeavour on The Mare’s Tale. Brains turned to scrambled eggs, Ha ha!

          Thanks for clarifying. Moving on!

          Hello Priya. I’m so pleased you arrived at the Artlog, and stayed long enough to get hooked. Please linger awhile and hang out with other like-minded souls.


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