ciliau portfolio by Jon Street

Jon Street, the vision-mixer on The Mare’s Tale, was among those who lodged with us at Ciliau. He took some really interesting photographs of the house, and here are few of them.

Being at Ciliau was the most glorious experience, and Peter and I thank Roger and Emma for their generosity in appointing us house-sitters and cat-minders for the two weeks I was rehearsing at Theatr Brycheiniog. Puss made all the house-guests most welcome, including Jack. (Photographs below by me.)

UPDATE 29/09/13: My sister-in-law, Sally, came for a week to Ciiau. Sally is the best company and is also a wonderful cook, and so having her under the same roof was a real pleasure. She writes about her stay in the house HERE.

8 thoughts on “ciliau portfolio by Jon Street

  1. What a stunning place. Incredible colours and textures on those walls.
    And – I wanted to thank you for posting about The Mare’s Tale. The glimpses of the journey have been fascinating.

    • Hello Lynn. It was a wonderful place to be for two weeks. You step into the past at Ciliau, and the twenty-first century feels far, far away.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the Mare’s Tale adventure. It’s been an exciting time.

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