the ‘Glimmerglass’ project book

Marly Youman’s new novel teems with inspiration for the conjuring of a cover. The margins of my copy of the manuscript are unruly with scrawled notes, and my project sketchbook is rapidly filling with rough studies for what I plan as a sinuous tree-of-life ‘bestiary’ to wrap around Glimmerglass.

The poet Jeffery Beam writes of the novel:

Glimmerglass does more than shimmer and grip; it entertains and hypnotizes.  Youmans, one of the biggest secrets of contemporary American fiction, writes with freshness and beauty. Whether she’s writing historical fiction or fantasy, her characters leave one breathless. Her ability to describe a person, a place, or the psychological underpinnings of a plot or individual, ranks with the great novelists, the highest literature.’

Beam continues:

‘Nature, architecture, dread, thrill, sexual dilemma, and murder echo against Youmans’ gorgeous prose and terrifying romance, which glides like a serpent―without a single extraneous or boring word.  Youmans is my favorite storyteller.  I come back to her as if to a holy well.’

Once again my work-table is strewn with a burgeoning Marly-esque universe. Inked papers lie ready to be collaged into the pelts of minotaurs and the scaled-mail of dragons. There are a fair number of maquettes too, patiently awaiting their turns in the limelight.

And so, as Sendak’s Max so famously cried out:

‘Let the wild rumpus start!’

12 thoughts on “the ‘Glimmerglass’ project book

  1. I like being a cat, and being out of the bag (although cats like being in bags, and so occasionally you will find me in one, happily). Rereading my blurb once again gave me a relief – knowing I had found just the right words to describe Glimmerglassian Youman. Clive’s work married to hers in two previous books are perfect (and all of my friends who have seen these works exclaim the same immediately upon seeing them) and so this third marriage will be an important charm ….the magick of three. Clive is an amazing artist. I am happy now to have this connection with him. Honored.

    • Ahhh, you are a marvel, conjuring such eloquent praise for Marly’s new novel. If I hadn’t already read it several times, your description would have me fervently hunting it down. Moreover I bend my knee and doff my cap to you for being so gracious about my gaff. In or out of the bag, like Puss-in-Boots, you are clearly an elegant and honey-tongued cat!

        • That seems very likely since we all clearly move in and out of the Fey. I hope someday, if Marly is, and the Spirits are, willing to share (smile), that Clive, you will someday be able to elaborate something of mine. Have been looking at your website in a trance, and eager to obtain a copy of the recent monograph on your work. What gorgeous colors, what spellbinding images.

          • Jeffery, I shall acquire some of your books and familiarise myself with your work. You’ve been on my reading list for some time now… a recommendation from another poet… but it’s been a busy year and I’ve fallen behind with said list. I’ll make that up now.

            Kind of you to write that you’d liked what you’d found at my website. Thank you.

    • I’ve been bad, and let the cat out of the bag about the Jeffery Beam ‘blurb’. But Marly is very forgiving (see HERE) and tells me she loves me still. (Whew!)

      I really must remember to engage brain before opening mouth!

      Thank you, Peter. This is a lovely project. The novel is scintillating, with inspiration for images at every turn of the page. Indeed an embarrassment of inspiration!

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