Mask Week at the Artlog

In the past we’ve had dedicated weeks at the Artlog celebrating maquettes and puppets, and I plan further explorations of those themes. However, following on from my recent posts about the grass-mask by maker Phil Clarke, I’m preparing a week-long celebration of masks, and it kicks off tomorrow with one of the more sinister manifestations of the mask-maker’s art, the Schandmaske.

7 thoughts on “Mask Week at the Artlog

  1. Whenever I think of masks I always think of Saul Steinberg and those wonderful photos of people wearing bags on their heads.

    I await the delights you’ll select.

    • Well, I planned looking at masks in general, rather than at my own mask work. But as you ask, I won’t rule it out. Let’s see how things go. (And yes, they were made from Yak hair.)

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