illusions of life: illustrated talk at oriel nwy on wednesday evening

Above: dragon maquette

Wednesday evening I’m giving a talk as part of a programme of ‘storytelling’ events arranged by Peter Stevenson at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth. Peter is an illustrator, animator and storyteller, and he’s asked me to speak about my maquettes and the ways in which I use them as compositional aids in easel and illustration work, and as puppets in the stop-motion animation projects I’ve worked on throughout 2013. It’ll be quite an informal and hands-on occasion, with some of my very earliest studio maquettes for everyone to examine, together with  the most recent ones made for The Soldier’s Tale and The Mare’s Tale animated films produced in collaboration with Pete Telfer of Culture Colony for Mid Wales Chamber Orchestra. If you’re free on Wednesday evening then please come and join me. All questions answered and a warm welcome guaranteed.

Nosweithiau Straeon yn Oriel Nwy/ Storytelling Nights at the Gas Gallery, Park Ave, Aberystwyth.

Illusions of Life: Clive Hicks-Jenkins and animation

Wednesday December 4th at 8 pm.

Gallery donation of £5 on the door.

Close on a decade ago, the painter Clive Hicks-Jenkins began making flat, articulated card figures… maquettes… to help him ‘break free of the tyranny of anatomy’. Always principally intended as compositional aids, his ‘paper actors’ quickly became increasingly elaborate, breaking out of the studio to be exhibited alongside the drawings and paintings they were preparatory to.

Above: artwork for the cover of the novel Glimmerglass by Marly Youmans, forthcoming from Mercer University Press. (2014)

Above: minotaur maquette for Glimmerglass 

4 thoughts on “illusions of life: illustrated talk at oriel nwy on wednesday evening

  1. Harrumph! Yet again wishing I lived nearer…this sounds like a very inspiring evening. Lucky folk who can get to see and hear you, Clive….hope you will fill us in about it on the Artlog!

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