Puppet Challenge at the Artlog: the contributors Part 1

This is Part 1 of the list of those who’ve elected to take part in the next online exhibition at the Artlog. But we’ve room for more contributors, and so anyone wanting to join in the fun can sign up by leaving a message in the comment box at the bottom of the post.
Nicky Arscott. Artist
Ruth Barrett-Danes. Artist
Penny Benson. Puppet Maker
Michael at TheBIgForest. Illustrator
Shellie Byatt. Artist and a past Guest Curator at the Artlog
Graham Carter. Artist
Anna Clucas. Artist
Phil Cooper. Artist

Jill Desborough. Sculptor and printmaker


Hussam Elsherif. Illustrator and puppet-maker


Graeme Galvin. Designer/Mask and Puppet-Maker


Scott Garrett. Illustrator



Karen Godfrey. Artist


Leonard Greco. Artist


Andrew Grundon. Artist and Puppet-Maker


Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Artist

See Part 2 of the list of contributors, HERE

29 thoughts on “Puppet Challenge at the Artlog: the contributors Part 1

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  3. Dear Clive,
    I would very much like to take part in your puppet challenge, if it’s still possible?
    We started out as a travelling/busking puppet theatre( very amateur and just the two of us!) a long long time ago and I’ve been wanting to get back to it in some way for awhile, so it would be lovely to take part in this.
    All the best

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  5. Clive I would very much like to be involved too if that’s possible. It would be so interesting and you have some wonderful artists lined up. I am working on a project for next year that would benefit from a puppet or two. It will be a first time make though!..I will be learning as I go which is not a bad thing!

  6. What an exciting selection of artists have signed up so far, lots of new blogs and websites here for me to explore 🙂 I’m really looking forward to making something for this 🙂

  7. I am an Italian painter. I am following with respect and admiration Clive Hicks Jenkins. Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me: I would like to participate in the puppets challenge
    Fin as a child drawing paper dolls and characters.

    From some time now I’m working on the Bluebeard fairy tale and I created projects of sets and puppets paper, pictures and albums –


    I would like to focus on the character of Bluebeard, if it seems an interesting idea. I would like to create an ambiguous character, charming, and, androgynous, according to the psychoanalytic interpretation.

    If you like the idea, and if you accept me among the challengers, I’d love to.
    Anna Marchi

    • Anna, please, no apologies for your English. It’s a great deal better than my Italian!

      Peter Slight is the Guest Curator for this exhibition, and will be running it, though I’ll be here too, for support. He and I would love to have you join the challenge. I’ll add your details to the list. The deadline is the end of June.

      We’re also very interested in seeing contributors images of work in progress, and hearing their thoughts about the processes of making, and we’ll share all information here at the Artlog. When ready, you can send images to Peter Slight at the address given on the home page of his website:


      But you can also leave messages in the comment-boxes of puppet-related posts here at the Artlog. Peter and I will always get back to you.

      I’m really pleased to hear that you’re joining this challenge. I hope you enjoy it.

  8. I’d love to participate! I’m a painter, and I’ve always loved puppets and dolls, but have never made one. Fairy tales are the best! I’m torn between the 7 Swans and while it’s not a fairy tale per se, the amazing poem Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti.

      • Yeah!!!! I am very excited!!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to join! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and love it. I was thrilled when you talked about the movie Alice a few weeks ago. I saw that film at least 20 ago in Baltimore and fell in love with the puppets and the vision!

        • I remember the thrill of discovering J. S., and the excitement of tracing down his work. There’s quite a link between a group of Welsh artists and the Czech Surrealists, and many years ago the former invited the latter to show in an exhibition at the Glynn Vivian Gallery in Swansea. Jan Svankmajer was among the Czech contingent, and I met him at the exhibition opening.

          When Christmas came around I discovered that my partner Peter had been secretly busy, and my gift from him was a Jan Svankmajer ‘frottage’ drawing of a shadow-puppet. You can see it HERE. It’s one of my great treasures.

  9. Oh, I suppose I should speak up and sign up! I’d been mulling it over the past while, I just forgot to actually say so!! I have already picked out a story and started imagining what I will make, so please count me in.

    • Hello Ruth. I’ll need your name and an image of your work to add to the contributors list. Also, do you have a website or blog I can link to? You can reply here, or if you want to contact me privately, go to:


      and e-mail me via the contact button. Cheers.

      UPDATE: Ruth, I’ve traced you down and located the information and image I needed. No need to send any of things I asked for above. Welcome to the Puppet Challenge.

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