once the maquettes are made…

… then the real work begins.

Finding the compositional forms.


Of course the paintings shall no doubt end up looking quite different, but the maquettes are the starting point.

Verses eight and nine from Callum James poem The Boy and the Wolf

VIII. Hervé Redeems The Wolf.
A blinding alleluia of light
as from the boy
love tumbled,
burst like river-diamonds,
mingling with The
Wolf’s breath,
flooding the grasses, fur,
the snowdrops,
heating the prayer
that made him.

IX. Hervé and The Wolf Together.
That moment hung,
a stopped raindrop,
a never falling leaf
within his soul: quivering.
It abided there.
The Wolf abided
at the centre of him.

Callum James 2004

8 thoughts on “once the maquettes are made…

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  2. Have you ever exhibited your maquettes in their own right? (I have just spotted the 2012 post with the on-line exhibition.) You must have quite a collection of them, and they would look fantastic ramping across a spacious gallery wall. I love them as art in their own right.

    • At my 2011 60th birthday retrospective in the Gregynog Gallery of the National Library of Wales, there was a small room dedicated to maquettes. They were box-framed on the walls, suspended in free-fall through a huge glass display-case, and a film by Pete Telfer about them and in which I tried stop-motion animation for the first time, was shown on a screen.

      HERE is a post that includes images of the maquettes at the National Library, and if you click HERE then you can see the short film about the maquettes.

  3. The tenderness and the playfulness in the relationship between the two is lovely. Very touching looking at these today, we had a horribly sad weekend as we had to put our dear little cat Trevor to sleep – seeing these two figures together conjures sweet memories, we often started our day with Trevor sat on our chests like that final image

    • These are just a few arrangements to illustrate the potential of the maquettes to kick start the compositional processes. However, they’re just a starting point, as things change a lot as I get work to work at the easel. I’m already hard at it on a first painting, and the image, while looking to the maquettes for inspiration, is definitely going its own way.

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