Telling Tales

The Covetous Devil

Mixed media on paper. 34 x 27 cm. 2014

from a series of works on the theme of The Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky and Ramuz


Telling Tales: New Narrative Works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Opening on Saturday May 10th


Oriel Tegfryn

Menai Bridge


Also in this series:

Going Home

Mixed media on paper. 27 x 25 cm. 2014


Mixed Media on Paper. 20 x 18 cm. 2014


Mixed media on paper. 55 x 74 cm. 2013

14 thoughts on “Telling Tales

  1. How staggeringly beautiful this work is, Clive. The singing colours, obviously, but also the movement and harmonies…not forgetting the superb negative space! Despite the sadness of the story the images are exhilarating and uplifting. Your work always makes me feel that despite all the bad things in the world what a world this IS that has such creative energy in it. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Shellie. I’m so pleased to hear that despite the sadness of the underlying story, you find the work to be ‘exhilarating’. That’s always my goal when dealing with dark matters, to make the finished work compelling and rewarding, so that the viewer wants to look rather than to turn away. You couldn’t have written anything that would have made me happier.

  2. i really notice the poor man’s innocence…not noticing the devil, his home in his heart, floating in love, his little rosy cheeks…poor thing!
    these are all fantastic, and that devil one is outstanding 😀

    • My heart goes out to Joseph. He’s taken in by the Devil, and not because he hopes to get the good end of a bargain, but because he’s sweet-natured enough to oblige the old man (the Devil in disguise) who wants to learn how to play his violin. Poor Joseph doesn’t realise until it’s too late what bad company he’s keeping. By the time the truth dawns on him, he’s lost everything that he most values: his mother, his home, his fiancé and the life with her that he’d planned… everything stolen from him. It’s heart-wrenching.

  3. Looking at these on my phone and I have to agree with phil the colours are like jewels. Love the iridescent quality against the black background they just glow.. Jac x

  4. Wow, these are fantastic, it’s in the diary, can’t wait to see them all in the flesh in May :-). I do love the way the different elements jump out and glow against the black background, it focusses attention on the storytelling and the glorious colours and textures of the figures

    • Oh my. Well that’s a most heartening response. Thank you Phil.

      With so much work to complete, I can barely imagine an exhibition opening come May. There’s going to be much burning of the old midnight oil up in the studio!

  5. I love the devil’s tail, in the first image, it really fills that corner!

    Do I remember you producing an image for this exhibition last year, of the couple in flight, but with a bird flying, as though from the Soldier’s heel?

    • Thank you, Julia. The Soldier’s Tale has long been a bit of an obsession of mine. I thought that producing the visual accompaniment to a performance of the piece at last year’s Hay Festival would purge me of any further need to explore it. The reality is that it’s fired me up even more, and it’s interesting to be producing gallery works rather than images to illustrate/accompany the music/text. There’s something so universal in the theme, that I think the heart of it can be understood in images alone.

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