puppet maker Bára Hubená

A weekend treat for Artloggers involved in the Puppet Challenge. As a spur to inspiration, I recently posted a photograph (see below) of three enchantingly pretty toy marionettes, a King, Skeleton and Devil, showcasing utter simplicity of design married to perfect execution.

I’ve since discovered they’re the work of Czech puppet-maker and stage designer Bára Hubená, and so for those of you who liked them as much as I did, here are some more by her.


And here, some glove-puppets by Bára

I hope these provide a breath of inspiration for some of the would-be puppet-makers.

8 thoughts on “puppet maker Bára Hubená

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  2. Wonderfully simple, fresh-looking and delightful. I love the queens feet when she is sitting. They are utterly winsome and certainly whet your whittle!

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