Green George 4: the tree-of-life saddle-cloth

I knew that I wanted a decorative cloth for George’s heavenly steed, to reference the custom of caparisoning medieval horses. I didn’t want horse-armour per se, but the saddle-cloth alone does the trick of making the animal appear heraldic. The design has its roots in the appliqué and quilting traditions of American folk-art. I kept it austerely black and white because there was so much colour elsewhere, and I didn’t want anything fighting with George’s green or the horse’s red. Look closely… very closely… and you’ll discover among the riot of flowers, foliage and fruit, a single blackbird. (You may have to click on the image and magnify it to find him.) I like to think that when all the blood-letting is done, his song will wash away the horrors.

1 thought on “Green George 4: the tree-of-life saddle-cloth

  1. i am so happy about this idea of the blackbird’s song waiting to wash away the horror–between this and the favour, you have a moment of distress and death, which can seem overwhelming and terrifying, but with two “outs” for the mind to recover; i will follow the bird… 🙂 i like even the way the dragon’s back paw curves around the little bird.
    these have been truly fascinating posts, clive, thank you!

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