Green George: the full picture

Green George was painted in my studio at Ty Isaf over four months in 2007. The medium is acrylic paint on a panel measuring 153 x 122 cm. The painting is in a private collection in Aberystwyth, so it didn’t move very far from where it was made.

Here is the painting that inspired it.

Saint George Killing the Dragon. Bernat Martorell. 1430-35

Tempera on panel. 155 x 98 cm

The Art Institute of Chicago

Gift of Mrs. Richard E. Danielson and Mrs. Chauncey McCormick.


7 thoughts on “Green George: the full picture

  1. Through your hard work and inspired vision you create works of art that seem to resonate with the very essence of being alive. The pictures you create draw the onlooker into a world of legend of poetry of a unique vision. When I look at these works I understand a bit more of how – when art is created well – it can enrich us, how it can allow us to form connections with our own vitality important creative selves. I keep returning to look at your work and each time leave feeling enriched and fulfilled.

  2. Clive, was thinking about these (still a beautiful call and response to me, and so glad to have seen yours in the real) and Uccello–and then stumbled on such an odd thing in a book I bought at the Met, but maybe you know it: Daniel Rabel (1528-1637), Alizon the Cantakerous and her Dragon, from the Album de Ballet de la Douairiere de Billebahaut. About 1625. Pen and ink with watercolor and a bit of silver and gold. The dragon follows her upright, holding onto a sash. The wings are small but decorated like an Uccello dragon.

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  4. I can only echo what Shellie says – and say thank you for posting this tour round Green George, it’s been so good to look at this extraordinary painting again with your words deepening my knowledge and appreciation. I love how our relationship with a painting or sculpture develops over time, and they become like old friends 🙂

  5. I’m looking at the ‘leave a comment’ line….and find I am practically speechless in front of this stunning and beautiful work. Damien’s words will suffice……

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