I’m Nobody

Hello, Peter Slight of the Puppet Challenge here,

‘Nobody’ was one of the names given to an early Jim Henson creation, an abstract disembodied floating face consisting of two eyes and a mouth which often spoke in a deep and pensive voice delivering thoughtful monologues exploring the characters inner thoughts about his sense of self, personal fears and general mental state.

The mouth and eyes are made out of string and controlled by invisible wires attached to gloves worn by two puppeteers. The deceptively simple construction of the puppet gives a very expressive performance. The character was used in several short films from the early 60’s onward. I found these films fascinating and rewarding viewing and hopefully some of you will too.

You can see arguably his best performance in the short film ‘Limbo’ here

Limbo bw

I'm Nobody


You can also see an interesting short film about how the effect was achieved here

2 thoughts on “I’m Nobody

  1. Thanks for posting this Peter, I hadn’t seen them before – and they also led me to various other early Jim Henson stuff I didn’t know about. Very sad to read that Jim’s son John died this week , only 48 years old. So much wonderful work they’ve left us though, life-enhancing stuff

    • Thanks Phil, glad you liked it. I prefer a lot of Jim Hensons early work to his later stuff as it has a more edgy experimental feel to it. I find the Limbo film quite haunting.

      I read of John Hensons death whilst searching Google for the images I needed for this post. Yeah a real shame, John played Sweetums in the Muppet show.
      Most of Jim Hensons ‘clan’ of children were involved with puppets in some way, either performing or puppet making. It must have been an amazing environment to grow up in.

      I think ‘life enhancing’ is a very apt description of the Hensons legacy.

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