Today I finished the cover for Marly Youmans’ forthcoming novel, Glimmerglass, from Mercer University Press. This has been a slow one, mainly because of unforeseen interruptions. It seems a long time ago that I made the drawings and maquettes. Apologies for not yet unveiling the complete design here. That must wait for later this year, when the book is ready to be launched. What I can share with you all, is that it’s a wonderful read, and it’s been a privilege to be privy to the various stages of the book as Marly has tweaked her way to the final edit. I have some interior vignettes and ‘printer’s flowers’ to complete, and then my work on this project will be finished.

Here are some of the preparations made along the way.

Above and below: maquette of a minotaur

Above: maquette of a dragon

Above and below: preliminary drawings of a dragon and minotaur

Below: detail of minotaur from the back cover

7 thoughts on “Glimmerglass

    • Hello Steven.

      When I started this blog in 2009 it was to be a short-term project, intended only to exist in the lead-up to my retrospective exhibition in 2011. But when all that was done and dusted, I couldn’t bring myself to close it down.

      I’m sometimes quite surprised by where the little craft that is the Artlog, drifts, though perhaps I shouldn’t be. It’s always been up there in the blog strap-line: ‘views from the artist’s studio’, and that can cover a lot of territory. But what’s really rewarding, is that so many interesting people climb aboard to see what goes on here. Of course a good many quickly leave, finding nothing to detain them. But more stay than I’d ever imagined when I began the blog, and a few call back regularly, or even subscribe, as you have done.

      Thanks for dropping by, Steven. I appreciate your comment. I really enjoyed having a good wander round your own blog. You write with a vitality that’s very pleasing. I shall be returning.

      • Seems I have an awful lot of stuff to take a look back at, in that case… I look forward to doing so. I enjoyed reading the story of how you came to this point. Heartening stuff. Maybe I’ll head into something different, now that I’m over 40… *ponders*

        I share that sense of reward with my own blog. I’m forever surprised at the people who crop up. It’s very kind of you to say such things about my place, thank you. I haven’t felt particularly vital in many a year, though! Obviously, I’ll be skulking around here quite often too.

        • ‘Pondering’ is always to be recommended. Whenever I’ve made mistakes in my life, it’s been because I’ve been hurtling along too damned fast for reflection.

          Please skulk away. (And I shall do likewise at yours!)

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