Hervé and the Wolf

There will be a number of new Hervé and the Wolf works in my forthcoming Oriel Tegfryn exhibition. Here is the latest one, completed today.

Blind Blue Boy

Mixed media on board. 30 x 36 cm. 2014

Telling Tales: New Narrative Works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Opening on Saturday May 10th


Oriel Tegfryn

Menai Bridge


For anyone interested in what will be on view at Oriel Tegfryn, between now and May 10th I’ll regularly be adding new images to the Telling Tales exhibition Pinterest page. All the work will be for sale.

6 thoughts on “Hervé and the Wolf

  1. That’s beautiful Clive, the shapes and composition are so RIGHT. The white ( or off-white?) background is quite daring in a way, it gives a starkness to the narrative, wonderful. xL

    • I’m glad you think it ‘daring’. There’s certainly nowhere to hide any misjudgements. But what appealed to me more than anything else was the way in which an image against a stark ground really exposes the positive and negative compositional aspects of the two figures. I have a second composition on the go right now, with the same off-white board and the same dimensions. I could play like this for weeks!

    • Thank you Zoe. I’m really enjoying working with the minimal palette. I have lots of new easel-paintings coming along that have a vibrant and multi-hued palette, but these blue and black works are especially pleasing to be playing with.

  2. All the details are beautiful but don’t distract, the shapes and space and the relationship between the two figures are so well put together the whole has such an impact, it’s great

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