just a glimpse…

… of a Glimmerglass ‘decoration’ in progress.

Out of many scraps of painted paper…

… and a thumbnail sketch to guide me…

A little robin begins to take shape.

Just the snow and his legs to add, and then he’ll be pasted down onto a dark ground shaped to be a chapter heading or tailpiece. Looks simple, but there will some thirty-forty pieces patch-worked together in this tiny work when complete, to ensure lots of interesting mark-making. Pen and ink, brush and paint, frottage and crayon. I work with with tweezers to get them all in place, and it’s damned fiddly. I often end up with tiny bits of paper pasted to my fingers, rather than to the illustration they belong to.

UPDATE: the finished collage, at about the size I think it might print in the book.

10 thoughts on “just a glimpse…

  1. Aha 😀 I look forward to seeing your work for the next Marly project 🙂 If you did decide to order any, this is where Mum and I buy it from HERE. Their site calls it transfer adhesive but it is the same, and the price they sell it for is the most reasonable we’ve found 🙂 x

  2. I do love these black and white decorations for Glimmerglass – as I loved them in Thaliad – they look so natural, like they just grew on the page but I know how hard won they can be; I often work using similar techniques and after spending time on arranging lots of fiddly little shapes to to get it just right, it can all go back to square one after an inquisitive cat appears out of nowhere to ‘help’. I’ve also spontaneously sneezed a piece to oblivion too. All the different techniques you use here have so much energy and fizz – these images are pure delight 🙂

    • Phil, thank you for the thumbs-up. I often find that when I’m in the white hot heat of creativity, I just bowl along, completely doubt-free. But when I get to the end, I have the most awful attacks of insecurity about whether I’ve made a good job of things, and I’m right in the middle of that latter stage. Part of the process of course, but it’s most unnerving! So I really appreciate your thoughtful comment.

  3. Lovely little robin 🙂 I know what you mean about tiny bits of collage, very fiddly! Have you ever tried a sticky pick up tool? It’s a sort of fine sticky ended tool, not too sticky but just enough to pick up pieces of paper and place them on the collage. I use colour shaper tools too to move pieces around, they can be quite handy 🙂

    • Good suggestions, Chloe. Thank you.

      I get so frustrated when the ‘process’ gets in the way of the flow of ideas. For me when it comes to collage, it’s all in the selection of the mark-making, followed by the cutting and assembling of papers to find the best possible solutions. The pasting down is the bit I like least. It gets me hot under the collar as I cast around for my reading-glasses and a pair of tweezers! All this isn’t helped by the unease I always feel when the creative bit is coming to an end, and a collage that has been fluid and full of possibilities while working on it, eventually has to be ‘fixed’.

      • I know exactly what you mean, I’m not a fan of the sticking down part! I’ve taken to using Bondaweb where possible now, it’s meant more for fabric but works with paper too. It can be ironed onto fabric and papers and have it’s backing peeled off before the collage pieces are cut, so that when they are laid down just ironing over the work (with a bit of baking paper under the iron to protect the surface) secures them, rather than having to pick up all of the pieces again to apply glue. I was a little worried about using it at first as I normally use Liquitex medium but I’m assured by Vilene who make it that it’s acid free and I know a lot of art quilters use it. You may already be familiar with it but I just thought it’d mention it in case it ever came in useful 🙂 I’ll try to find a link…

        • There’s a little bit more information HERE 🙂

          There can occasionally be a problem with tiny bits of glueyness showing around the edge of shapes but this only seems to happen rarely and is probably because I iron things for too long!

          • Thank you Chloe. That’s very kind of you, and extremely useful too. I’ll look into it all.

            Still steaming away here on the last stages. Have to get everything properly photographed tomorrow, ready to send to the designer next week. It’s all go!

            • Good luck with getting it all done Clive 😀 Let me know if you’d like a bit of Bondaweb to try and I’ll pop some in the post 🙂

            • Oh, that’s so sweet of you. But I’ll be all done on this project by late tonight, and so then I’ll send off for some ready for the next Marly-project. (And there is one! That girl writes fast! I’m usually about one and a half books behind her.) Thank you for asking, but I may as well get in enough to see me through a project.

              C x

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