Puppet Catch-up: Clive’s Posts

19th century Italian glove-puppet show

Over the past months there’s been much written about puppets at the Artlog by way of offering encouragement to those taking part in guest curator Peter Slight’s Puppet Challenge. In fact between us Peter and I have written so much, that I’ve decided to offer links for easy access to posts that may have been missed first time around, plus links to some puppet-themed items from my archive, written before the challenge. To save crowding, I’ve made two posts. Today we kick off with my collected puppet posts, and Peter’s will follow on Friday.

Clive’s Posts

Guide to Types of Puppetry (ongoing)



Marionettes; Part 1

Marionettes: Part 2


The European Tradition

The Puppets of Palermo

The Royal Toone Theatre, Brussels: Part 1

The Royal Toone Theatre, Brussels: Part 2

The Royal Toone Theatre, Brussels: Part 3

The Guignol Puppet Theatre of Alexei Romanov

20th century artists and puppetry

Dada and Constructivist Marionettes of the 20th C.

Luigi Veronesi’s puppets for The Soldier’s Tale

The Marionettes of Aleksandra Ekster

Paul Klee

Contemporary puppet-makers.

Czech puppet-maker, puppet maker Bára Hubená

Interview with Czech puppet maker Jan Zalud

Interview with Julian Crouch

Jan Svankmejer

20th Century puppet-makers.

Richard Teschner

DoLores Hadley

William Simmonds

Walter Wilkinson

Puppet Performances

69 Degrees South, Phantom Limb

Spartacus, Théâtre La Licorne

The Devil and Mr Punch

How the Hoggler got its Name

Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Cyclops Glove-Puppet

Modes of Locomotion: one puppet, two techniques


The Puppets of The Mare’s Tale

Audrey II

10 thoughts on “Puppet Catch-up: Clive’s Posts

  1. Excellent idea as I know I’ve missed posts. Incidentally, is there a chance you might consider adding a share button for Twitter, Google etc. For those of us who enjoy and want to promote your posts, it would make life much simpler! For me, in particular, it would lesson the number of copies, pastes and clicks for my poor ‘ol fingers.

      • I had to check myself because every time I make an adjustment on WP, I immediately forget how it was done! Go to Settings, go down & choose Sharing. On the page that appears, scroll down until you see Sharing Buttons. Under this will be a section called Enabled Services. Drag the icons of the services you want to include either to the right-hand where they’ll be hidden under the Share Button or to the left which means the buttons will show individually. Hope that helps!

        • That’s a great help, and I thank you. I’ll go take a look this evening, when I’ve finished work. (Just spinning past the study on my way down from the studio to the kitchen for a coffee to keep me going, and taking a quick look at my e-mails en route!)

          UPDATE: Done. Many thanks for all your help.

  2. That’s useful! I like to do the same sort of thing now and then–gather up related posts. Probably you ought to have an index category…

    Do you know chethams.org? Was thinking of you when noodling about… I found it by way of looking at purchases of alchemical treatises. Here’s another oddity that you would find interesting: Columbine, Harlequin, pygmy revels!

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