Good news today from the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff. My little still-life with Arenig Fawr beyond it was the first work to sell in the just opened Arenig exhibition. That’s a nice boost to the confidence in the run-up to my one-man exhibition, Telling Tales, opening next month at Martin’s Tegfryn Gallery in Menai Bridge. Feeling chipper!

Still-life Under Arenig

Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Acrylic on gessoed panel. 33 x 31 cm. 2014


17 thoughts on “Arenig

  1. Lovely news Clive, well done, and well done to John, a fab choice and how fortunate he is to now live with this wonderful painting and get to know it more and more each day

  2. Dear Clive. I admit to being the proud owner of this beautiful new work to add to my collection. I had a message from Martin Tinney this morning confirming and saying ‘It’s a wonderful painting and I’m pleased that it’s going to an appreciative home’, which was rather nice. I am thrilled to bits. I am hugely looking forward to the J. D. Innes exhibition about to open at the National Museum of Wales and think your painting to be exhibited from next week at the Martin Tinney Gallery will greatly enhance the experience. Unfortunately I will be in London and miss the private view next Wednesday but am sure it will be an exciting evening. I feel privileged to own what to me encompasses so many of the delightful elements of your work. Thank you so much.

    • Martin called round today to see the new work for my Oriel Tegfryn exhibition next month. We had a little jaunt to the framer in Aberystwyth for a viewing. A few hours after he’d left, he e-mailed with the news of the sale. I’m so pleased. Thank you very much Mr Quick-off-the-Mark!

      I’m not quite sure whether you mean that you can’t be at the opening of the Nat. Museum exhibition, or the private view of the Arenig exhibition at MTG. The J. D. Innes at the national is to be opened by my very good friend William Gibbs, and so if you’re going to be at that, be sure to say hello to him and pass on my best. I’m afraid I have to stay in West Wales, painting! But I should think my partner, Peter Wakelin, who’s Director of Collections at the National Museum, will be there, and he’d be very pleased if you’d seek him out to introduce yourself.

      Goodnight John.

      • Thank you Clive. It is the MTG evening I cannot attend but I will try my best to be at the Museum on Saturday. Best wishes for the run in to your Oriel Tegfryn exhibition.

    • Dear John…if you would kindly email me your address and times when you will be out I will be round like a shot to do a little bit of burglary of your fabulous new acquisition….. Excellent choice!

  3. Having looked at the exhibition on line….yours is the one I would have bought too! Whoever did purchase it….congratulations….excellent choice! We are raising a glass to you here, Clive, on my birthday and celebrating with you! Hic!

    • Happy Birthday, Shellie. I shall raise a glass to you and Kit. I’m just finishing some correspondence, and I was rather fancying a glass of red when I close down.

      Love, and lots of it, to you both.
      C xxx

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