‘Joseph and the Sunflowers’

Day one of a new work on my easel

Joseph and the Sunflowers

Pencil underdrawing and acrylic on gessoed panel. 80 x 80 cm. 2014

Joseph and the Sunflowers is currently in progress in my studio. When finished it will join the series of new paintings that have drawn on the animated film of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale I made for the 2013 Hay Festival.

Shaping the hearts of sunflowers with sgrafitto

Below: maquettes of Joseph used for the animated film, and currently serving as models for the paintings

Paintings on the theme of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, soon to be seen in:

Telling Tales: new works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Oriel Tegfryn/Tegfryn Gallery

Menai Bridge

Opening May 10th

The Covetous Devil



Going Home

Blue Fall

The Tulip Garden

Joseph Dreams of Home

Soldier Joseph

Above: King

6 thoughts on “‘Joseph and the Sunflowers’

  1. I’ve probably said this before but how I yearn to discover, if not live in, a town made from the bricks of childhood, or rather ‘childhoods’ I think I had more fun playing as a ‘grown-up?’ with Ted’s toys than as an occasionally lonely un-little girl.
    As Jack might say, ‘the colours man!’
    Love B xxx

    • Thank you, Chloe. The world of Stravinsky’s music for The Soldier’s Tale, with its text by Ramuz, has long inspired me. I made some monoprints of the soldier and the princess a few years ago, and then images to accompany a concert in Washington DC in 2012. But it was the animated film made for the Hay Festival last year that really got the creativity flowing, and the work you see here is what’s been emerging from the studio as a direct result of it.

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