the suit of many colours

Day four at the easel has been spent finishing Saint Kevin’s jacket, complete with embroidered stars and appliquéd hearts and diamonds. I’ve particularly enjoyed painting the frilled edge to the velvet collar. In his hand (not shown here) the egg-laden nest is without the hen. I guess she’s left the saint as egg-sitter while she’s away feeding! But she’s nevertheless present in the appliqué of his jacket, lying over his heart.

As I paint I can hear the blackbirds in the garden.

17 thoughts on “the suit of many colours

  1. The “Clive Hicks- Jenkins ” book is great.
    I am having a great time reading it.
    Never liked poetry much, but i´ve decided to try ordering the books you illustrated. I will probably love them, with those images.

    By the way, What a great garden you have ! Here outside Madrid we have much cold in winter and terrible heat and no rain in the summer. It is hard to get such greenery. Except in the gravel paths. Yours look great. You must have a magic wand or something,

    • I’m so pleased that you like the book. Thank you for purchasing it. I hope it continues to give you pleasure.

      The garden is hard work… all gardens are… but it’s a privilege to be here to maintain and enjoy it. We’ve done much to improve it over the nine years since we arrived, and have planted many more shrubs and trees. We established a sizeable herbaceous border too, despite the rabbits who like to eat our flowers!

  2. I’ve come thanks to adhmad58 and her blog. The Peter Drawings are beautiful.
    Am going to get this blog in my favorites list and I will return, and explore. I hope I´ll find a way to print the drawings and will be allowed to pay for them.
    Thank you very much

        • (Smile) Well then if you must, drop a little money into a charity-box of your choice. That will make me happy. And thank you, I appreciate that you asked.

          You know, there is a book about my work that is available from Amazon. It’s called simply ‘Clive Hicks-Jenkins’, and it was published by Lund Humphries in 2011. It’s quite a large book and is packed with images.

          Very best

          • Going to Amazon this minute to order the book .
            And will send some money to the Red Cross as well.
            Many Thanks

          • I don’t really know who I’m writing to here, but I thank you for that. Most gracious of you. I hope you enjoy the book. There were a wonderful group of writers selected to produce the ten chapters. I should amend that: there were nine wonderful writers and me, not so wonderful, but the only one who could write the biography, having been present throughout! (-;

            • My name is María Maestre. i am an old Spanish grandmother/cum/small business woman, and live 30 km outside Madrid, .
              I look forward to receiving your book, as I seldom travel to art shows anymore, and have to make do with internet, with DVDs , and with books.

              Again I Say Many Thanks

            • Well hello Maria Maestre. Good to meet you. I do hope you like the book. You can let me know whether you enjoy it, if you like, in an e-mail from THIS link. I too make much use of books and the internet for the enjoyment of art, as I live in West Wales and getting to the big cities is quite challenging. But the upside is that my studio is in beautiful countryside, and that more than makes up for the inconvenience of being isolated.

              With all good wishes

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