the saint’s landscape

Day seven, and the appearance of some sheep.

The landscape draws on work I did for the cover image for the second volume of The Old Stile Press Bibliography. Below Catchmays Court a gate leads from the garden through a hedge and into a field where balsamic poplars line the river bank, and sheep picturesquely graze. It seems the most perfect setting for this saint-in-the-making who turned his back on the world, an anchorite meditating in the wilderness. (But a slightly tamed wilderness here, with gates and fences.)

I’m cock-a-hoop that the great Ronnie Burkett popped by my Facebook page and clicked a ‘like’ on today’s Saint Kevin and the Blackbird image. I’ve admired his puppet artistry for so long. The man is a genius.

3 thoughts on “the saint’s landscape

  1. Ever on…I’m happy for you. Nothing brings more satisfaction than a day well spent at the easel. This work shows that.

  2. I meant to tell you how well this is progressing, and how much I admire it. Initially I was taken aback a bit by the unpolished finish. (You mastered the Florentines so well.) But this chalky broad approach is so beautiful, particularly on the pale fellow’s face. You captured that springtime blush perfectly.
    Hats off !

    • Leonard, thank you so much. It’s true that I’ve used this period of having to work very fast to force myself to leave paint in a rougher state than my natural inclination to polish usually allows. Sanding back and scratching (sgrafitto) have played a part in disinclining me from constantly refining, and that’s got to be a good thing. I’m certainly enjoying myself, and have to tear myself from the easel at end of day. That generally means I’m feeling happy about the way things are going. So, ever on!

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