‘Saint Kevin and the Blackbird’s Nest’

Completed  18/04/14

Saint Kevin and the Blackbird’s Nest 
Acrylic on gessoed panel. 60 x 81 cm. 2014

Lots of sgraffito here, used to enliven the the surface of the painting and add sparkle to the trees and bushes. As I’ve always loved painting water, the river has been a particular pleasure to work on. (It’s the river Wye, running past Catchmay’s Court at Llandogo, home of The Old Stile Press and our friends Nicolas and Frances.)

This marks my return to the subject of Saint Kevin after a long absence. Seamus Heaney’s poem has for many years been the source of inspiration for my work on the theme, and indeed I’ve made enough paintings to merit a whole Kevin and the Blackbird section in the Artlog archive. (Check it out in the ‘Topics’ box at top right.)

Kevin and the Blackbird’s Nest will be in:

Telling Tales: new narrative works from Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Tegfryn Gallery/Oriel Tegfryn

Menai Bridge


Opens May 10th

9 thoughts on “‘Saint Kevin and the Blackbird’s Nest’

    • Thank you, Phil. You’re very kind. I really enjoyed making it.

      Looking forward to seeing you and Jan next month. Not far off now! We found an hotel in Beaumaris where they welcome dogs. Jack’s coming too.

      • Me too Clive, really looking forward to seeing you all and all this amazing work that’s been pouring out of your studio. Jan’s staying in Berlin as he’s got some deadlines for exhibitions coming up – we haven’t been able to live in our flat for weeks as we had a new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom done so he’s got a bit behind unfortunately.

        • Oh, I’m so sorry he won’t be coming. We’re longing to meet him. Another time. (And I completely understand how disruptive building-work can be to deadlines, having had quite a bit of it at Ty Isaf!) But it will nevertheless be lovely to see you and catch up. It’s been far too long.

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