Colour at Tegfryn

The past months have seen me working seven-days-a-week at the easel in preparation for my forthcoming exhibition at Oriel Tegfryn. As Winter has given way to Spring, light and colour have flooded my work. Here’s a cache of details from some of the paintings.

Telling Tales: new narrative works from Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Tegfryn Gallery/Oriel Tegfryn

Menai Bridge


Opens May 10th

See the work that will be in Telling Tales, HERE

6 thoughts on “Colour at Tegfryn

  1. Wow! I am especially captivated by the third image. The coolness of the foreground against the warmth of the background. Beautiful and exciting.

    By the way, I’m writing this back in Canada. It’s been a crazy winter of buildiing an off-the-grid cabin in the desert. Soon it will be onward for another season of work on the old place at Round Hill. Before I move on, I hope to squeeze in some puppet-making!

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