The Chequered Curtain

The Chequered Curtain

Acrylic on gessoed panel. 30 x 30cm. 2014

Telling Tales: new narrative works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Oriel Tegfryn
Menai Bridge
Opening May 10th 2014. 5 – 7pm

11 thoughts on “The Chequered Curtain

  1. I also love the texture of the fish, and the curtain is novel. The seawater, though. It caught me and now I’m taken by it. It’s got great energy. Coupled with the boat, it really pulls you out into it. Armbands on! Bravo, as ever.

    • I love painting water, and Cardigan Bay never fails to inspire. But I think you’ll need more than armbands, to be on the safe side. When we go out in the kyak, even Jack wears a flotation-jacket! (Makes him look all beefed up, like Sly Stallone!)

      • I’ve always found water pleasingly tough to ‘get right’ – I am the same though – I always find myself going to either the Broads or the seaside – uplifting, and always inspiring.

        Ha! How adorable. Photos!

        • We tend not to take a camera when kayaking, as we’ve been known to capsize. But next time we go to the cottage I’ll get Jack kitted-out in his jacket and take one specially for you. He once got nose-to-nose with a baby dolphin from the prow of the kyak when we were far out in Cardigan Bay. I feared the mother would take offence, as Jack barked a lot, but she and the calf were curious and calm.

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