John Maltby and Scottie Wilson


Two recurring pieces in my still-life paintings are the John Maltby pelican with pendant fish on its outstretched wings, and a milk-jug by the outsider artist, Scottie Wilson. (I have the coffee-pot and sugar-bowl too, though I’ve only painted those a couple of times.)

Today I started a new work at the easel in which both appear, together with a cowrie-shell and a bunch of hellebores for the jug. (I shan’t cut and bring the flowers to the studio until I’ve laid in the background paint over which they’ll be added. Beth Adams at Phoenicia Publishing particularly requested the hellebores, of which many varieties grow here at Ty Isaf.)

Pencil on gessoed panel

Here are some past paintings in which the Maltby pelican and the Wilson milk-jug have appeared, occasionally together. For me they are like characters in an ever unfolding drama, and I never tire of painting them.

11 thoughts on “John Maltby and Scottie Wilson

  1. I am the very proud owner of a Maltby ceramic entitled ‘Bird, Boat, Fish’ it lives on a small shelf next to my side of the bed, so I can see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

    I really like the way you document to objects in your life that have particular meaning to you Clive, it’s a great idea, and something I keep meaning to try.

    • I recommend it. Paint the objects you are attached to. Works every time.

      Next to my bed is a glow-in-the-dark skeleton Lego horse given to me by my friend Anita. It always makes me smile before I sleep.

      Where’ve you been?

  2. It always surprises me how neatly your still life work fits into a Christian iconography. Must be the influence of your painted saints. And Wise Beth! I look forward to seeing the painting take its shape…

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