new still-life underway

Working backwards from how things look at the end of the third day at the easel. One more session should see the hellebore added and the painting completed.

Lots to think about with this one. The original drawing was swift and sure and the paint is going down fast. I need to get in the detail without destroying the strong architecture.

I changed the bold black on white design of my Scottie Wilson jug because as soon as I’d painted in the shadow to the right of each object, I realised I didn’t want anything else in the composition to be that dark. The sea is relatively simple with a fresh feel to the wet-on-wet mark-making. I must add the planned hellebores without obscuring too much of what’s already looking good. The whole thing is a juggling-act. Let’s hope I don’t drop any balls.

2 thoughts on “new still-life underway

  1. I love how strong that red is….and can’t wait to see the hellebores added. I wonder what colour hellebore you’ll choose? It’s a real privilege to see work in progress like this….thank you x

    • Hello Shellie. The hellebores are shades of a dusky pink, some in full bloom and some with already well-formed seedpods. I’ll be painting them in tomorrow.

      I’m so pleased you’re enjoying watching the process. I’m almost on automatic pilot at the moment, the daily habit of the easel driving this old banger to the finishing-line. Ha ha!

      My love to you and Kit. xxx

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