Invitation to ‘Telling Tales’

I can hardly believe that it’s nearly time. If you’re able, please join us.

Telling Tales: new narrative works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Oriel Tegfryn/Tegfryn Gallery

Cadnant Rd
Menai Bridge, Gwynedd LL59 5EW

Sat May 10th, 5 – 7pm

5 thoughts on “Invitation to ‘Telling Tales’

  1. Cripes, how exciting this is! I can’t believe it’s so close to showtime.

    All the very best for a killer of a show.

    • Thank you, Anita. Not quite done yet. I have two ‘Borderlands’ paintings still on the go, and not until they’re finished will I have reached the total of thirty new works promised to Martin back last year when we first discussed the exhibition. (At the time I ember thinking ‘Crumbs, that’s a lot!) But their frames are ready and waiting, and so I just to stay on my ‘roll’ for a few more days, and then I can heave a big sigh of relief and know that the rest will be down to fate.

      (-; xxx

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