Ghost Hellebore and Cowrie Shell

Acrylic on gessoed panel. 38 x 38 cm. 2014

I can hardly believe that it’s nearly time. If you’re able, please join us for the Private View.

Telling Tales: new narrative works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Oriel Tegfryn/Tegfryn Gallery

Cadnant Rd
Menai Bridge, Gwynedd LL59 5EW

Sat May 10th, 5 – 7pm

17 thoughts on “invitation

  1. Has John Maltby ever seen any of your paintings featuring his ceramics do you know Clive?

    It would be really interesting to know how he feels – pretty darn chuffed I should think!

    • We purchased a number of works from him a long time ago, on a studio visit. Years later I called him to explain that I was painting his ceramics. It was terrible timing, as it turned out his wife had died the day before, so we didn’t speak for long. Then more recently Peter phoned him, asking whether we might call to see him. I wanted to give him a copy of the monograph, as it contains some of his pelican ceramics in my still-life paintings. That call too, seemed to be badly timed, and he didn’t want to meet. Peter tried to explain that I was making still-life paintings with his ceramics in them, but he didn’t seem to be interested. I don’t think we’ll try again.

      I sympathise with the need of any artist to protect time and privacy. People ask about visiting me here, and if I have the time I usually agree as long as they understand that I don’t sell from the studio. Perhaps John Maltby is just protecting the time he has available for work.

      • I’m sorry to hear that Clive It does sadden me a little, but I think you are right not to take it personally. It is almost certainly down to the circumstances or other unknown factors.

  2. I’m so looking forward to seeing you and the new show Clive, thank you for the invitation – I’ve been taking a peek at the ghost Hellibore and Cowrie Shell every now and again today and finding so many things to enjoy each time I look, wonderful!

    • Thank you Liz. I try not to think about such things before an exhibition. The past few years of recession have made life quite tough in terms of moving paintings, but there has been some pick-up recently, and so perhaps things are improving. I daren’t hope for a sell out, but at the end of the day a respectable sales-book would be a big relief.

  3. Thanks Clive! I would be fantastic to be there, very sorry we cannot make it. I hope the PV goes wonderfully. N x

  4. Dear Clive, Many thanks for this invitation. I have every intention of coming to the ‘Telling Tales’ preview. I will be in France for a few days beforehand but will ensure I’m back in time for a trip to North Wales. I am very excited by the thought of seeing your new body of work. Kind Regards, John  

  5. Congratulations, Clive! For both the show and this painting. It is very nice and effective how you have employed the inversion of color and light across the surfaces of the objects and the transition between them- the pitcher with the flower for example and the pair of fish. I appreciate how you can take a relatively simple concept (positive vs negative) to very fascinating end.

    • HI Jack! Thanks for dropping by. I always enjoy the pictorial dance between positive and negative, both in terms of tone and shape, and I find that I can just lose myself in all the possibilities. While I wanted to include both the black-on-white-decoration of the Scottie Wilson jug and the dark hellebores from our garden, once the pelican had been completed I knew I’d have to find an alternative way of representing them, or they’d imbalance the composition. Painting is such an organisational occupation, and I love the process of solving design problems while not losing sight of what I’m trying to convey as an artist.

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