final painting in progress


Borderlands IV is the most recent in my series of paintings based on the landscapes of The Mare’s Tale, and it’s to be my final work for the exhibition. Still a couple of hours at the easel to bring it to a conclusion, but right now my eyes feel raw with weariness, and so I’m calling it a day. I’ll start again early in the morning as I must get it to the framer if it’s to be ready for collection on Saturday.

The other paintings in the series: Borderlands I, II and III

7 thoughts on “final painting in progress

  1. this is a fantastic series, the tones are very striking, i feel a lot of nature (even though these are buildings) in this last set–such a striking sense of winter and then spring? also, the title, fantastic 😀

  2. I am new to your blog and I don’t know anything about your work but the beautiful picture reminds me of the Christmas towns my mother used to make under our tree. It’s so beautiful. I’m sure, as I read on, I’ll find the meaning of the painting but for now, I’m enjoying it for the first time, in my own personal way and I thank you for that.

  3. The fact that you are doing the final mile of a marathon and still finding time to post at the Artlog is nothing short of astonishing Clive.

    I can almost tangibly sense the Artlog followers willing you on to the finish line now (and to that much deserved early night!)

    • Many thanks little chum. I am beyond weary, but hey, that’s what we creatives do, knock ourselves senseless.

      I need an early night. (Sorry I was a little bit cranky in my last e-mail. It’s the tiredness combined with pressure.)

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