at the tegfryn gallery

the work was beautifully presented

the team were prepared

and the people came.

Job done!

Telling Tales: new works by Clive Hicks-Jenkins


Oriel Tegfryn/Tegfryn Gallery
Cadnant Road, Menai Bridge
Anglesey, LL59 5EW

The exhibition runs until May 28th 2014

View the online catalogue HERE

My thanks to:

Martin and Myf at Martin Tinney Gallery

Carole and Sara at Tegfryn Gallery, and to Glyn who hung the exhibition so handsomely

Anthony for the beautiful framing

friends, old and new, many of whom travelled far to share the occasion

the friends who couldn’t be there, but who lent their support throughout

Martin and Nick, for their kindness

Lorrie, who sprang the great surprise

Jack, who waits so patiently for his walks

and finally, to Peter. Without him there would be no painter, and no paintings

35 thoughts on “at the tegfryn gallery

  1. It really looks so wonderful Clive, so great to see the actual size of the work, when you post studio progress I haven’t a sense of their scale. Winter Knight (I hope that is correct, the neck tattooed fellow) is spectacular. I love his scale, his presence, his virility. It is stunning work my friend, the collection as a whole. You must be thrilled and pooped. Rest up and be well. xLg

    • Thank you Leonard. I am as content with the work as ever I get, and yes, you’re quite right, I’m ‘pooped’ too! I need more sleep than I’ve yet been able to manage. Sleep will do the trick.

      Glad that you like the Winter Knight. My favourite painting in the exhibition, and it seems yours too.

  2. How lovely to meet Gawain ‘in the paint’ and hug you all ‘in the real’ rather than the imagination. My everlasting thanks to Lorrie ‘The other good witch from Oz’. (But not the blond one in the bubble!)

    Thank you so much for the feast for the senses that hangs on white walls.

    Love as always.
    B xxx

  3. How lovely to see it all again! A good picture of Bernie in the midst of all.
    So very glad we were able to be there to see the work, so very impressive, and a great gallery.
    Marvellous, of course to see you!!

  4. Was waiting for this post. How good the paintings look framed and hanging on the walls. How strong and beautiful they are. What a nice atmosphere at the exhibition. Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations, it all looks so good! I’m glad the PV went well, I hope you enjoyed it. I wish we could have been there.

  6. What a pleasure to meet with you at what was a magical evening on Anglesey. Glyn has done a wonderful job of hanging your latest works in what is a beautiful setting. It was a delight to chat about Saint Herve with you – Elinor and I could have talked all night but there was such a throng of people who wanted a piece of you. We returned to Cardiff via Arenig but the clouds were down alas. This did not dampen a lovely trip to North Wales though. (I was also charmed by Jack. What an absolute cutie-I hope he has fully recovered from all the petting).

    • I greatly enjoyed meeting you and Elinor. Yes, these occasions require a bit of a juggling act if I’m to spend time with everyone, but I wish we could have spoken for longer.

      Jack is entirely happy being petted. The following day we took him for a long walk around the Anglesey coastline, and so his patience at the opening was rewarded.

      I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the exhibition. It was a long round-trip for you, and I much appreciate the trouble you took to be there.

  7. Hello Clive,

    Those are very nice pictures of a very nice exhibition I think. Were you satisfied with the viewings and the sales? And how is Peter doing in his job? From this side not much news. My work is still demanding, but not so much as in the beginning. Or perhaps better to say not so often as in the beginning, because once in a while I have doubts about virtually everything, especially work and relationship. (Though perhaps that’s because I’m away from my friends, and also to do with my nature. Up and down like a rollercoaster, with the difference that I know myself a bit better than 10 years ago.) This in a nutshell.

    I enjoyed the stories about your exhibition and the paintings and I hope sales were also successful. In my own painting course I learn a lot. I begin with enthusiasm and most of the time I am satisfied up to a certain point. But then, all of a sudden, I find myself ruining the painting. I am doing reflections in the water now. Thought it was difficult, found out it was easier than I thought, but again, after a good start I redid some of it and made the colours too dark. So I think I have to do a third layer. (Deep sigh) Goodbye for now and wishing you the best.



    • Hello Mathijs.

      All is well here, thank you. Glad to hear that you’re making progress with your painting course. Don’t get discouraged by how hard it can sometimes be. I’ve been known to re-paint work not three, but thirty times! You just have to keep at it until it comes right, no matter what. Hold fast to your dream. Don’t give up.

  8. Wow, Clive, it looks fantastic, all your gorgeous work looks so handsome in those beautiful frames and hung so well, The Winter Knight looks spectacular! What a great looking gallery too, wish we had something so nice down here.

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