The Birds

A comment by Anita Mills on yesterday’s post was a reminder that over the years, birds have featured significantly in my work. (Anita calls it a ‘pantheon’!) For the fun of it I made a compilation of them. Most shown here are details from larger paintings, though there are few complete works included, particularly where birds are the subjects of them or feature in their titles. Some of the images are of paintings-in-process, hence the areas of red-oxide under-paint.


Swallows (Detail from Flight of Swallows Over the Field of Gold)




(Detail from Tender Blackbird)

Goldfinches (Detail from The Virgin of the Goldfinches)

Heron (Detail from The Congregation of Birds ‘in process’)

Canada Goose (Detail from The Congregation of Birds ‘in process’)

Chaffinch (Detail from The Congregation of Birds ‘in process’)

Doves and Ducks (Detail from My Dream Farm)

I hadn’t really given much thought to this. The above are just a few of the images, but I could fill the Artlog for a month with ‘avians’ in my paintings, in drawings and the images I’ve made for books. Then there are those produced in ceramic when I worked in Pip Koppel’s pottery studio, cockerel figurines and a salt-kit in the form of an owl. Even the block for my book-plate is cut with the image of a bird. Clearly there’s a theme going on.

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