the man from the sea

Oriel Tegfryn has asked for a new work for their forthcoming ‘Menai Festival of the Sea’ exhibition, and today, rather late I fear, I’m starting the project. A rummage through my plan-chest has turned up a tiny sketch done years ago of a shop assistant who worked in a Spanish deli, Ultracomida, that I go to regularly here in Aberystwyth. (He works there no more, so no point in looking!)

I never made a painting from it, but I liked the composition of his arms cradling a large bowl of stuffed olives, and so I’m about to use that in conjunction with recent drawings of a rather fine-looking fisherman.

I have a pile of studies of fresh mackerel that I made when a neighbour gave me a couple some years ago, so put those all together and I hope I’ll have something worth looking at by the end of next week. I already have the title.

The Catch

15 thoughts on “the man from the sea

  1. Clive, sincere apologies for being AWOL, I haven’t been blogging for a while and missed your comment on mine. I’m afraid I didn’t get any further on Bone Woman, the last few weeks of last term (for my daughters and for myself) turned out to be rather busy, so she hasn’t progressed since you saw her last. But it has been wonderful to be involved, and the vastly different interpretations of puppetry that everyone has come up with are just inspiring, to say the least. When I get Bone Woman finished, I will certainly send you a pic/link so you can see how she turned out. And thank you!

  2. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who keeps little bits of sketched ideas for aeons! How fascinating that the more recent sketches have ‘Peter’ in them (to my eye, at least) but the earlier one doesn’t! Going to be a corker of a painting.

    • Shellie, it’s true, Peter is and always has been in my work. To this day his eyes can bring me up sharp at twenty feet. It’s the level gaze, and the fact that they change colour. Mostly they’re brown, though when anger stirs, they turn a fathomless black. (Yikes!)

      By contrast I have the blue-eyed gene, and I’m told that when I get angry, they don’t darken, but lighten and turn icy. Peter and I should try to coordinate our transformations and focus them on some hapless victim, just to see if we can put the wind up!

  3. Love the portraits of “the man from the sea” Clive. My first thought was that I could sent you some pictures of men from greece. I am at Lefkas at the moment end it seems to be swarming with men like you draw. We seem to classify a lot of them as “family”, but…maybe that is the wish, though they are not exactly my type.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what your finished piece looks like. Will it be acrylic or pastel? Greece is lovely. Always loved the myths and sagas for sure, but the people are nice and nature in this western region is very green and full of surprising villages. Good luck with your work.


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > Op 23 jul. 2014 om 19:35 heeft “Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Artlog:” het volgende geschreven: > > >

    • HA!!!! I should’a known that sea-loving Mr Bommer would rise to the bait of this tasty, beardy snack!!!


      Had Marc Rees here on Sunday, interviewing me about an exhibition he’s curating. He nearly fell over when he saw your works hanging on our walls!

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