‘The Catch’

The Catch

Acrylic on gessoed panel. 42 x 42 cm. 2014

Peter and I have spent the last week at Penparc Cottage for a much needed break away from all things internet-ish. There have been al fresco suppers and lunches in the garden, coastal walks, twice daily swims and chases along the beach for Jack and evenings spent cooking and reading.


Peter has very nearly completed his book on Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, and I started and finished my painting for Oriel Tegfryn’s ‘Menai Festival of the Sea’ exhibition, begun at Ty Isaf in a series of portraits of a bearded fisherman, and completed on Friday evening with the final addition of a tray of mackerel. I shall write about the stages of the painting later this week. (I photographed it comprehensively from start to finish, complete with mistakes and changes-of-heart.) But for now, you can see the painting at the top of this post, together with the preliminary sketch (below) that pretty much nailed the way I wanted it to look just before the paints and brushes came out.

Preliminary sketch for The Catch

10 thoughts on “‘The Catch’

  1. I must admitt Clive,
    I missed your Posts,….
    writings and thoughts,
    this past week(!).
    But,.. in seeing the results,
    I guess I can forgive you!

    Really enjoyable read,
    a really enjoyable ‘over-the-shoulder-looksy’.

  2. I’m glad you all got away for a well deserved break 🙂

    The new painting looks great Clive, but i’m slightly perturbed by his likeness to my hairdresser – the facial features, red hair/style and the large beard all match exactly, he even has arm tattoos (although not the same design!)

  3. Well, I know I mentioned how the arm-with-tattoos is bringing together the figure and your obsessive “windowsill” objects, but I also find the whole subject matter to fit in so well with your saints (those fishers of men) and their animals.

  4. Ah, I’ve been looking forward to seeing how this painting developed. – fantastic, his red hair and beard against the pearly skin tines, that dark blue-black sea, the beautiful mackerel, and the little town, it’s full of delights 🙂

  5. Ahaa, I had wondered where you’d snuck off to, Clive – I’ve been genuinely missing the buzz lately, so it’s great to see you back, and with one hell of a bang too. Marvellous!

    Obviously, I am going bananas with hysteria at Jack. I suppose I needn’t really write that anymore… we should just take that as a given whenever he posts an appearance.

  6. Beautiful. That space between the back of the fisherman’s head and the building behind is just about the most perfect thing. I’ve just watched the proms with the Strauss Four Last Songs (which have a deep emotional connection to my father for me) and have had tears streaming down my face…..coming to the Artlog and seeing this magnificent piece of work has been the perfect top note. And Jack’s little face is the perfect coda. Thank you so much Clive. X

  7. I like it very much Clive. Admire your visionairy way of creating new art. And this one worked out nicely.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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