Puppet Challenge: the ‘overflow’ gallery

I promised that I would post some of the puppets made by the Puppet Challengers that didn’t appear in the official posts, because we’d decided broadly to confine the exhibition to one puppet per person. I snuck two in for Scott Garrett, but as both Lynne Lamb and Philippa Robbins made many puppets, I decided to save the extra ones for showing after the main event.

Philippa Robbins: Blue

Philippa chose Frida Kahlo as her subject for the Puppet Challenge, an artist who painted many self-portraits that effectively mythologised her appearance. But in the process of making Frida, Philippa was producing a whole cast of glove-puppet characters. Here are some of them.

Below: the Diva

Below: the Prisoner

When Philippa came to stay with us at Penparc Cottage, her puppets came too, and this is the sight that greeted my trip to the loo one morning!

He has lots of tattoos. These are pictures taken during the process of making him.

Finally, Philippa produced a pair of puppets made in the likeness of her and her husband, for his birthday: Mini Philippa and Dave!

The images printed onto the hospital gowns are from drawings Philippa produced.

Below, Philippa at work in her kitchen, shortening a puppet’s neck with a saw!

Lynne Lamb: Bog Body

Lynne’s first puppet was a Frost Witch. She began with digital-renderings made on a tablet.

From the very first time I saw the renderings, I loved her vision of the character. Not pale and beautiful, the way Snow Queens are usually portrayed, but frost-blackened, leathery and pinched, like a bog-body preserved in peat. Deeply creepy, especially when arrayed in sparkles and icy lace.

Finally, the puppet as realised, and it doesn’t disappoint. I love those twiggy, scratchy fingers.

Below: Lynne’s portrait of the puppet. What started as digital renderings, and then became a creature of papier-mâché, at the conclusion was reinvented as paint on canvas. The puppet as muse and model!

12 thoughts on “Puppet Challenge: the ‘overflow’ gallery

  1. I love Philippa’s puppets, wow she is so prolific, the blue faces really work, and the couple , so funny in the box. I especially love the pic of her sawing the neck! Not a squeamish lass then!
    The Snow queen too, is incredibly spooky and brittle, love the painting.

  2. oh, philippa’s puppets are killing me, they are perfect in every way–i love the coloring, i love the facial expressions–those yellow teeth on the prisoner made me howl, what a fabulous loo-greeting! the diva’s dress is another treat, and her husband is the luckiest birthday boy i know…the prints on the gowns are quite striking as well. i just can’t drool enough.

    lynn’s drawings of the snow queen were favorites of mine from the beginning, and the puppets are wonderful. her hands and chest are such a delicate blend of images for me–icy branches and snowflakes, just perfect. the colors, too, are so unexpected and yet exactly right.

    what a gorgeous post!!

  3. Philippa’s matching ‘Mr & Mrs’ puppets are a great idea, and seeing them snuggled up in their box side by side made me chuckle.

    As a self confessed lo-fi luddite i’m really intrigued by Lynnes images created on her tablet – i have no idea how they were done, very mysterious and impressive!
    (the wolf ones from a much earlier post were my absolute favourites)

  4. What a great treat to have a few extra pieces to wonder at! All beautifully realised. I never find anything half as interesting as The Prisoner in my loo!

  5. I love the blue people, especially the prisoner, and the image of him sitting on the toilet is just great.

    Bog Body is just breathtakingly beautiful – so delicate and graceful

  6. I’ve told Phillipa how much I admire her silent screen starlet before on her blog, my “brava” still resonates.

    But I must have missed Lynne’s Snow Queen, wow, rotting flesh never looked so good. A wonderful creation, brava once again.

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