Alice, from start to finish: part one

My chapter is the one with the Caucus Race.

There was a collage of my cousin’s Devon Rex, Jeffrey, made a couple of years ago, and that was the start. Jeffrey would become Alice’s cat, Dinah.

DSCF102The magpie, mother canary and her young, Dinah and a reckless bird, come together in a rough layout.

Later I add a mouse between the magpie’s wing and tail, and try a different position for Dinah.

Next there are exploratory sketches of the various elements.

Many studies of mamma bird and her babies…

ā€¦ and even more of the mouse.

At last the finished work begins, starting with a faint drawing of all the elements laid on board.

The colours are laid in, and the shapes, positive and negative, begin to emerge as I’ve been imagining them. Some startled birds add movement to the image.

Dinah’s tiger-stripes are lovely to draw.

The one-hundred-and-fiftieth celebratory edition of Alice in Wonderland, with illustrations by various artists, is due out from Inky Parrot Press in 2015.

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