Down the Rabbit Hole: picturing Alice


Alice is done. I’ve spent the most unconscionable time down that rabbit hole re-familiarising myself with and exploring Wonderland, and I’m left with the rather uneasy feeling of being all dressed up for the party but with nowhere to go. For the forthcoming one-hundred-and-fiftieth celebration edition of the book from Inky Parrot Press, I was asked to provide either two full-page images for the chapter titled ‘A Caucus Race and a Long Tale’, or a double-page spread. I decided on the latter.

I wasn’t asked for a chapter-heading vignette but provided one anyway, though I have no idea whether it will be used.

When I started the project I hadn’t the slightest intention of picturing Alice, though I ended up doing so. I have loved getting to know her again. Maybe I’ll get invited to that party one day, and be given the chance of putting everything I’ve learned over the past few weeks to good use elsewhere. It could happen!


I’ve always liked Alice, but now I absolutely love her!

8 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole: picturing Alice

  1. My Own Dear White Rabbit
    You could always send out your own invitations.
    I will supply you with the cook and as long as everyone enjoys pepper there should be no difficulties.
    Fondest regards
    Duchess x
    PS. I’m still avoiding the Red Queen so you’ve ‘not seen me.’
    (The above may seem nonsensical but perhaps there’s a grain of an idea?)
    Love B xxx

    • Dear Duchess (aka B.J.S.)

      No need to apologise. I’m an artist. The nonsensical is my currency.

      I’ve always liked plenty of pepper. Makes one sneeze but clears the head. I shall look out for the Cook. Shall the dear little piglet be coming too? He has such pretty trotters.

      Yours, W.R. (aka C.H-J.)

  2. Once again she’s perfect, as is the crab. I second ( third, fourth?) the idea of you continuing with Alice theme. Especially as you are so close to her, and feel such fondness, it would be shame to let that slip away. Not pressurising you of course!!! I am sure you have more than enough to do!!xx:L

    • I will have to wave goodbye to her for a while. September is packed with deadlines, and I have no idea how I’m to hit all of them on time. Ho hum. I must send my Alice, her cat Dinah and the assorted creatures of the Caucus Race, out into the world to find their own ways. I hope that she and I will meet up again one day. We must wait and see. (-;

  3. They’d have to be crazy not to squeeze in your ‘bonus’ picture somewhere!

    I thought Judy’s earlier suggestion that you could produce some more Alice images for exhibition purposes was a good one! (like you did with the Soldiers Tale pictures in your last exhibition)

    I would love to see your take on the Cheshire Cat! (and too many other characters to mention!)

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