Attack of the Cyclops


My friend Jac Hicks has sent me a beautiful, miniature set of French building-blocks that I’ve erected on the bookcase in the upstairs sitting-room. (I’ve been working at the table in there over the summer months on my various illustration projects, as it’s a corner room with a dual aspect and lots of light.) The blocks are keeping company with the Mexican nativity set from Marly Youmans that’s much too handsome to come out only at Christmas, and a rather dog-eared, over-twenty-five-year-old pop-up Christmas card I made of a Punch & Judy booth. The wooden christmas tree was another unexpected gift, one of four toy trees sent to me by Chloe Redfern.

Opposite the building-block archway is the model of the stage-set I designed for last year’s The Mare’s Tale chamber-work, now populated with a very early group of painted lead figures of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, a christmas gift of many years ago from Peter, who wrapped the figures separately and stuffed them alongside satsumas and foil-covered chocolate coins down the toe of one of his knitted walking-socks! Note that Grumpy has gone off to survey the new building!


Our house is full of such tableaux. I suspect they rearrange themselves after dark!

6 thoughts on “Attack of the Cyclops

    • You may be among the few. I asked my grumpy uncle just after Christmas that year what he’d done with the hand-made card I’d sent him, and he said that it had gone in the bin with the rest of ’em! I just have the one myself, though somewhere I have the drawings that the components were photocopied from. Each one took about an hour to colour, cut out and assemble. Those were the days!

      I’m glad you mentioned how great Grumpy looks in that image. (He’d thought no-one had noticed!)

  1. Waving from Cullowhee, North Carolina… with mist and mountains and hummingbirds.

    Love those little scenes! And the Punch and Judy card. Delicious. I still crave a toy theatre, but these playlets satisfy…

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