after the storm

Last night’s tumultuous winds shrieked around the eaves of Ty Isaf denying me sleep. This morning I took a turn with Jack around the garden. There’s been surprisingly little damage, though despite the fact that every time I’ve driven down the drive over the past ten days I’ve reminded myself to photograph the aspens, I kept forgetting, and now the buffeting winds have stripped them and I’ve missed the opportunity to record their shimmering, autumn gold.

Below: between throwing the ball for Jack on the lawn, I gather and twist what’s fallen from the silver birches into kindling faggots for the stove, stacking them under the tree for later collection. Silver birch wood is volatile, and even when damp the twigs burn with a tremendous crackle.

The young tulip tree



Maple in the foreground with a Liquid Amber beyond it

Dogwood: Midwinter Fire

Fallen fly agaric


Russet apples are slow to ripen, and so have done well during these long warm days of autumn

13 thoughts on “after the storm

  1. What wonderful, vibrant colours! That fly agaric looks as if it’s been painted that superb colour. We’ve got fantastic drifts of brilliant orange chestnut tree leaves everywhere….banked up against fences, gates and even ankle-deep outside the back door which makes getting to the compost bins rather crackly! I adore this time of year….and can imagine that the garden at Ty Isaf is fabulous right now 🙂

    • It’s been a beautiful autumn, extended by fine weather and a longer season to get the fruit ripened. Our pear crop, which usually consists of fruits as hard as bullets and not particularly well-flavoured, has this year yielded much deliciousness. The russet apples too, have been wonderful, mouth-watering with that clove-scented loveliness that makes them so special.

      As for the leaves, well, I might well get hopelessly buried by them!

  2. Love those witchy bundles of kindling. There are still some mulberries left on the mulberry tree. We have also had high winds here, our trees have been shaking around having the time of their life out there.

    • Lucky you. I went out one evening to admire the succulent fruits, and decided to collect them the following morning. But when I marched down to the orchard with my bowl after breakfast, every mulberry had gone! Those clever birds must have been watching me!

  3. are you sure it wasn’t your witch swooping about the eaves raising her gingerbread zombie army?

    fortunately it was a damp night so they probably all crumbled into soggy little mounds enroute to Ty Isaf

  4. Lovely! Glad there wasn’t too much damage. Crazy winds here too.
    Still have not walked around the gardens of Paradise, maybe next time!

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