Borderlands V: Night Beast


Yesterday I finished the second of the two new works made for The Discerning Eye exhibition, opening at the Mall Galleries next month. A drawing was made a few months ago, but illustrator Judy Watson prevailed on me to leave it as it was, rather than obscure it with paint. That effectively stayed my hand. However, I returned to it and used a part of it for the new work, Borderlands V: Night Beast.

The original drawing remains. I did as Judy bid!

8 thoughts on “Borderlands V: Night Beast

    • Ah, you are a man who isn’t afraid to express love. I like that.

      Have you thought any more about Beastly Passions? We have lots of time so you wouldn’t be under pressure. Moreover I love the idea of you expressing in verse the ideas I’ll be exploring in images re the ‘Penny Dreadful’ horrors that befell those who came to bad ends at the sharp end of nature! We might even scrape together a book! There will certainly be an exhibition! Let’s play!

  1. Well done Clive and well done Judy!

    Now you’ve got two pieces of art instead of one!

    I really love that pencil sketch, more of those please!

    The whiter areas where the pencil lines have been rubbed out create a really nice effect, especially near the bottom of the picture.

    • I think the pale, erased areas where I ‘cleaned’ the rather smudged finished drawing, are heightened in the photograph because I tweaked the contrast in i-photo to make the lines darker for showing online. They’re less noticeable when you see the drawing itself.

      Yes, well done Julie. Sometimes when I’m just concentrating on process… getting a sketch down to guide a painting… I lose sight of what’s in front of me. Good that I posted it at the Artlog, and that Julie wrote to stay my hand before the paint went down. A bonus of blogging, all those vigilant eyes trained on the work!

  2. Herve and the wolf set amongst the Borderlands landscape works a treat, they look like they were made for each other and all kinds of new narrative possibilities open up. I’m very taken with the technique you’ve used here too Clive, The blue glow in this work is wonderful, ghostly, like the flicker of an old TV or film watched late at night with all the lights off, I absolutely love it, and ‘Night Beast’ is one heck of a title for a painting!

    • Hello Phil. Thank you for your kind comments. Glad you like the way this is going. I’m never quite sure when my saints of choice, Kevin and Hervé, will appear. They never write and never phone, but then turn up unexpectedly on the doorstep! Of course, I’m always pleased to see them.

      Are you still in Berlin?

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