19 thoughts on “Skin/Skóra: Misz’s bear

  1. I love this bear, he makes me absurdly happy. And what a beautiful, strong tattoo idea, to have each creature tattooed as a sort of medallion on each shoulder.

    ! have been following this tattoo project and find it very intriguing, especially the recent post in which Phil talks about his process of inking his body– it’s inspiring to hear about such energetic upheavals in one life, and the willingness to take on yet another– the image of him climbing all those mountains really struck me!

    This bear is so powerful!! So beautiful!!

  2. It will be interesting to see how these look on a ‘pink’ background, I’m so used to looking at them on a dark background now.

    Well, If we’re putting in requests for future childrens books for you Clive! I think the Tinder box or the billy goats gruff (you could have some fun designing the troll!)
    would benefit from your insight! 😉

    • Well bear in mind that these are just maquettes. The blue/black combo I’ve been using recently in graphic works on pale grounds has looked pretty sharp, and so should work well on skin.

      We’ll see how H & G goes before embarking on any other fairy-tales… though as a boy I had a bit of a crush on the soldier from the Tinder-box, and if I recall correctly, drew rather yearning pics of him in his tight-fitting breeches and boots, and smart red and blue jacket with vertical rows of shiny buttons. (Sigh!)

      Are you still a bit interested in making some three-dimensional work based on the Staffs-inspired figurines I’ll be inventing and painting for ‘Beastly Passions’? If you are then we should talk.

  3. Oh, you’ll have to make an animation now! Can you do a Clive version of Goldilocks? She always was such a glorious pest, she deserves the Clive treatment. Bear is just beautiful in the moonlight. (It looks like he’s in the moonlight.)

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