Peter Slight and his Gingerbread Zombie Workshop

Peter Slight is still working away on the Gingerbread Zombies he’s building to help Simon Lewin and me promote the edition of Hansel & Gretel we’re making for the Random Spectacular imprint of Saint Jude’s Prints. You can see an earlier post about what Peter’s been up to:


In this trial illustration, Gretel whacks a Gingerbread Zombie to biscuit crumbs!

Here’s how things are progressing, in Peter’s own words.

1) I whittled the figures down to a more accurate shape.

‘thinning’ the width of the polystyrene was the hardest part. I had to take a bit of artistic licence and in the end I opted for a cross between ‘gingerbread’ thickness, and ‘shortbread’ thickness. If they were too thin they would not be very strong and would also risk looking inconsequential on top of their tumps. (I hope this will not upset the gingerbread purists, causing them to begin baying for my blood!)

2) Next was ’filling in’ along the edges of the figures with the air drying clay. This was to build up the sides all the way around to the same ‘level’. (Where the coat hanger wire runs around the edge of the figures it creates a ‘ridge’ the width of the wire.)
By preparing the polystyrene like this, filling in holes and building up ‘levels’ etc, is an important step prior to covering the figures with their ‘sheets’ of air-drying-clay. (Think of a layer of sheet icing rolled out and laid over a cake. More on that later.)

3) The tumps have been covered with clay and are ready for sanding and covering with the grass texture. (I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s commonly used in model making.) The white ‘sticks’ poking out are chopped up cotton buds stuffed into the holes where the figures leg wires go, otherwise the holes would get ‘lost’ under the clay never to be seen again (this has happened on several occasions on other models, much to my consternation!)

Since taking these photos I have begun covering the figures with the clay, section by section.
They are starting to take shape.

16 thoughts on “Peter Slight and his Gingerbread Zombie Workshop

  1. Most interesting, I had to think there if I am a gingerbread purist or not, not a question I have had to ponder before now. However, are you sure they are not rice cakes masquerading as wannabe gingerbreads? Here is another quandary of the baking variety upon which to muse ? Hmmm, deep in thought … walking away slowly.

  2. Looking good! I’m a big fan of Peter’s Krampus figure too, so I’m looking forward to a Gingerbread Zombies v Krampus epic on your mantelpiece Clive 🙂
    I’m loving the low-slung hundreds and thousands trousers on Sarah’s gingerbread man – I’ve got to get me some of those!

          • Please may Phil have a cameo in the upcoming ‘Gingerbread vs Krampus’ movie Clive?

            I see his character as a maverick gingerbread zombie hunter who has taken the trousers from one of his past ‘kills’ and now wears them as a trophy.

            Phil’s character likes to ‘work hard and play hard’, so you will need to fit a nightclub sequence into the film somewhere. You could also choreograph some dance floor moves for him too if need be! ?

            • You’ve done it again, Peter! Those movie pitches just keep on coming don’t they?

              I think Phil would be perfect in this cameo role, which I envision as a cross between Clint Eastwood and John Travolta.

              In my humble opinion, all movies are cheered up by a musical number, so your ‘playing hard’ scenario is the perfect cue for a song. To this end, I see our maverick hunter, in his rather fine pair of edible trousers, strutting his stuff on the dance floor, rather like this:

              As for choreography, I just know that Clive has to have a ‘disco’ episode somewhere in his past…

  3. I am a gingerbread purist Peter, but I can definitely live with other baked goods intruding, if the results look this good. I eagerly await your progress reports, so it is wonderful to see one today.

    I must confess that my obsession with undead gingerbread is gradually getting worse.

    I have a weakness for gingerbread men, which has stayed with me since childhood, hence my love of the fiendish Gingerbread Zombies. My brother kindly bought me this gingerbread man as a treat on Sunday:

    My thoughts on seeing him were:

    1. I am really loving those ‘hundreds and thousands’ trousers.
    2. Can I trust him? He looks so smiley, but could it be an act?
    3. He’s wearing those ‘hundreds and thousands’ trousers very low-slung. I wonder if he is taking fashion advice from Jordan’s maquette?

    At that point, I decided I might need some help!!

    I am offering this as evidence of how the devilish Mr Hicks-Jenkins, with his undead baked goods, has cast his spell on me. As evidenced at Facebook today, he even has the moustache to twirl now, as he goes about his dastardly deeds!!

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