more erotic tales of the violet gloves

The Jordan Maquette has gained a new head, this one in profile.

And American poet, Mr Jeffery Beam, has been spinning magic with words. This is just a taster of what is to come.

Your glove wounds my heart
I will remove it
making of it a standard
so we may rise to battle


This post is dedicated to my friend Maria, whose insights into violet gloves and the language of fans, have plunged me and poet Jeffery Beam into unfathomable waters!

15 thoughts on “more erotic tales of the violet gloves

  1. I can only quote Edgar Degas in response to the rich and insightful conversation which is unfolding, as a result of the “Dark Materials” work:

    “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

    I look forward to the conversation continuing.

  2. This poem, about the “your glove wounding my heart”, and the beautiful poem your friend Sarah (the curious one) wrote under last entry, make me dream…

    Because it is not clear ( at least for me, as I am a bit square ) , whether the glove is going to be the pennant, or whether it is going to be the instrument getting the heart out, and it is really the heart which is going to be the pennant.

    Like The Pelican, who plucks his own heart out of his chest, to feed his “people”.

    A more beautiful and prouder image than the image of the sacrificial lamb, as the Pelican does the sacrificing by himself. Here, it seems to be the beloved who does the plugging of the heart, which is even more generous and more beautiful.

    • Maria, you have the soul of a poet.

      I had always seen the pelican plucking from its breast as being female.

      ‘The pelican in her piety’.

      But your notion of it as being male, catches my imagination, suggesting as it does a quite different kind of sacrifice. Both are moving, but your idea gives me a different reading.

      My friend, you are becoming a muse in your own right!

      • For me, He always was a male. Which makes his self sacrifice more heroic.

        I think females have self sacrifice for their young… and maybe even for “The Young”… built into their genes. However, such a compulsion is not obvious in males.

        And that is why a Male Pelican who plucks his own heart out in order to feed his “people” is such an exceptionally uplifting and heroic image.

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