completed first interior page decoration for ‘Maze of Blood’

All these images were taken at night by lamplight. In reality the drawing is in black pencil on white paper, but I like the soft antique glow of how it looked under electric light. In the book all will be crisp black and white.

The drawing photographed in natural light


18 thoughts on “completed first interior page decoration for ‘Maze of Blood’

  1. ‘Auntie’ Bernie calling!
    Was only going to post an apprectative comment on your ‘organic man’ till I read the other caring comments.
    Should I ‘send chocolate’ as in the days of old?
    Or perhaps ‘Mole’s muffler’
    For to keep out the cold.
    Just realised I’ve drifted into rhyme,
    (I have ‘no reason’, it happens all the time.)
    Wrap up, take walks and drink more water too,
    You know this is the sensible thing to do.
    Love as ever and always
    Bern xxx

    • My dearest Bern
      From you I learn
      How I should keep
      My nights for sleep
      And not for working
      Far too late
      Which merely makes me
      Not so great.

      For you I’ll wrap
      And take a nap
      Because I know
      You’ll worry so
      If I don’t heed
      advice you’ve given.
      And so I’m off
      To do as bidden!

      C xxx

  2. How is your head feeling today ? I have all sorts of allergies to spring plants, so I would much rather have my head full of galloping horses…

    But even better not to be invaded . Your brain is full enough of colour, of shapes, of movement, of poetry, of music, of beautiful tales…

    • Better today, thank you, Maria, though yesterday I was rubbish. I kept working, but I was slow and my head felt full of grit.

      It’s hard to stop when a drawing is so close to being finished, but there’s no doubt about it that on Wednesday I overdid things. I have to pace myself better these days!

      Kind of you to ask!

  3. This is glorious Clive. It appears that spring is busting out all over in the creative world of Mr Hicks-Jenkins!

    I know the writer the book is based on – Robert E. Howard – lived in smalltown America, but his imagination took him far beyond the confines of his everyday life and led him to create tales of exciting adventure in faraway lands.

    On this March day, with spring peeping its head around the corner, I wouldn’t mind my head containing what you have so beautifully depicted in this illustration.(-:

    • Flagging, today. The overly-long session yesterday overwrought my brain cells and buggered my eyes. Today it’s as though someone has shovelled gravel in my skull and thrown sand into my eyes!

      Only you, Sarah, would see the attraction of a head full of insidiously burgeoning fleshy blooms, thorny stems and lumpy cacti! In other drawings for the project there are even more sinister emergings. Better buckle your seat-belt! (-;

      • I think this Yorkshire girl has some Southern Gothic in her imagination, hence the attraction to this particular head full of blooms!!

        Look after yourself Clive and try to take it easy (or easier!) today if you can.

  4. Beautiful.

    And one of the great things about drawings in pencil, is that one has to come near the drawing to really see it.

    I shall buy the book, the moment it is available, but this advance look is great. And I know I will come here, again, and again, once I have the book.

    Thank you ever so much !

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