‘Flowering Skin’: from start to finish

Flowering Skin

Acrylic, gouache and oil-based crayon on board. 59 x 84 cms


First explorations


Paint and pencil

Sunlight streams over my work-table as I pencil render

Flowering Skin

Acrylic, gouache and oil-based pencil on board. 59 x 84 cms

12 thoughts on “‘Flowering Skin’: from start to finish

  1. I’m probably stating the obvious here…but could Jordan’s new floral tattoo have escaped from the ‘Skin/skora’ project?

    (my own ideas have a habit of overlapping and merging as one subject helps to inform another)

    • Well it certainly sprang from conversations between us on his thoughts about having a tattoo. Not this tattoo, though one that might have a floral element. And there’s no talk at this stage of me designing it.

  2. This is beautiful. I am very very tired, and am going to bed now, with your images fresh in my mind, and I know I will be able to sleep, and that I shall dream of blue dancers , and red horses and red flowers… Tonight is going to be a great night.
    Thank you.

  3. I’ve been hoping you were going to post a ‘start to finish’ of Flowering Skin, Clive, the painting is, for me, the most personally touching of the new Dark Movements work, I love it to bits. Ever since I was told, at a young age, that my name comes from the Greek ‘Philippos’, meaning ‘one who loves horses’, I’ve been very fond of these creatures and the way you paint and draw them is peerless, they express so many things in your work, thank you!

    • Phil, from your lips to my ear. It had been languishing in the files for a few days waiting for the right moment to appear. I’m pleased that it was what you wanted. Sending love, as always, wrapped in passionate hugs and kisses. (-;

  4. “Flowering Skin” is a complete delight Clive. For so many reasons, it makes me happy to look at this painting. Thank you.

    • Well there can be no better music to the ears of an artist than to hear that a painting is doing its job well, and I am happy that this one is hitting the spot for you. Thank you, Sarah, for the words of encouragement.

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