‘Veil’: from start to finish


Acrylic, gouache and oil-based pencil on board. 59 x 84 cms

Starting point


The painting begins

Below: working in front of the Dark Movements Toy Theatre


Acrylic, gouache and oil-based pencil on board. 59 x 84 cms

11 thoughts on “‘Veil’: from start to finish

  1. Who’s dreaming who?
    In the ‘magic of the moment’…
    Who’s dreaming who?
    Love (and as ever – the ‘colours man!’)
    B xxx

  2. I agree with Phil, I really want to see all these images in one room in sequence!

    I’m sorely tempted to make the 14 hour round trip to Aberystwyth to see the show…

  3. I join Sarah in her anticipations and am thrilled by the synergy and shiver as the two horses gaze at each other. Like Sarah, Jordan’s hand on the mane is heavy with meaning. Is he halting the horse, or calming him for the confrontation? Which is coming to meet which? Sarah, as always, feels the pulse. A thousand little details here to attend to for Saturday’s Blessing service, so it will be next week before I can begin the Veil poem. However, it is all vibrant within me today.

  4. I love to see your toy theatre, a place of magic and transformation, making an appearance Clive. As you unveil ‘Veil’, I am experiencing a mounting sense of anticipation about what awaits Jordan on the stage, if that is his intended destination.

    I commented before that in pre-Christian traditions the darkest period of the year, when the mumming tradition of the Mari Lwyd traditionally takes place, was believed to be a time that the veil between this world and the ‘otherworld’ is thinner. At these times, beings like the Mari could readily pass through to this one.

    However, I see the Jordan of ‘Veil’ as a shaman, a man who possesses the ability to enter the ‘otherworld’ to seek knowledge and healing for his Borderlands tribe. The horse he rides is out of antiquity, a proud sentinel to wait and watch over the land, as Jordan journeys between worlds. I am immediately drawn to the affecting detail of the spectral rider’s one hand on the mane of his horse, as if this earthly Mari is his touchstone. Is our magic man preparing to travel toward the spirit Mari, we see on the theatre’s stage, or is this Mari travelling toward him?

    As we, the audience, take our seats, the candles are blown out on the stage. What will we find when the ‘veil’ is lifted and the performance begins?!

    • Sarah, I have always been a man who has thrilled to the house-lights being lowered, and that blissful moment in the dark before the stage lights glimmer, the curtain stirs and ascends, and the breathless hush of audience expectation gives way to thrills, revelations and delights.

  5. Now I’m starting to picture how all these new images might work together in the exhibition and it’s a very exciting prospect Clive, I’d dearly like to come and see them, I might get the chance if I’m in the country for the show, not sure of plans yet. They smoulder across the Internet in such a unique way I do hope I can get to see them up close and personal

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