Hunter’s Lodge

Today in the post, a surprise from my buddy, artist and designer Peter Slight. His fondness for the folkloric character, Herne-the-Hunter, has resulted in this splendid tea-towel!


Here at Chez Ty Isaf we have no dish-washing machine, and so tea-towels are de rigeur. Can’t wait to be doing the drying with this bad boy!

The tea-towel is produced by ‘To Dry For’, and goes by the title of ‘Hunter’s Lodge’. (Of course!)

This is a return for Peter to the theme. He made a splendid Herne-the-Hunter puppet for the Artlog Puppet Challenge in 2013.

And this is a graphic made by him for the Artlog Puppet Challenge.

My thanks to you, Pete. You are a star in my firmament of friends! I’m glad to see that ‘Spidey’ is with you, still happily residing in your hair!

9 thoughts on “Hunter’s Lodge

  1. What a lovely present! I would like to congratulate Peter on a very fine piece of design work. I will definitely be pinning it at The Curious One. (-:

    I hadn’t come across Herne the Hunter, so once again the Artlog and its wonderful set of contributors has set me off on another line of research. Heaven!

    • Thank you for your kind words Sarah, the ghostly hunter has definitely become a bit of a recurring character in my recent work, he will next be seen appearing on side plates and mugs!

  2. What a totally awesome teatowel, great design Peter, was just wondering what to get my friend in London who’s putting me up this week! (Don’t tell them but although some of the other designs on the website are lovely, this one’s my favourite)

    • Thats a very good idea Maria!
      I wrote a version of the story to accompany an exhibition my take on Herne the hunter appeared in. In my story the wicked hunter is imprisoned in an oak tree for eternity by the guardians of the forest as punishment for the cruelty he has inflicted in life, but during a thunder storm a hundred years later the oak is struck by lightning – setting the hunters ghost free to roam once more, whilst striking fear into the forests inhabitants on a nightly basis…

      …luckily it all ended well and the ghostly hunter got his just desserts!

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