preparing artwork for a print

Dan Bugg at Penfold Press and I are collaborating on an editioned series of screenprints on the theme of the medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. But because I’ve never before done work of this type, I’m taking a tilt at the process by making artwork for a trial print unrelated to Gawain, using a drawing of a Staffordshire group of a man being slain by a tiger. The original postcard-sized drawing was made as a birthday present for my friend Ben Koppel.  I’m re-working it as a print at a much larger scale, which means I can include the ornate pedestal that I had no room for in the postcard version.

The original, postcard-sized pencil drawing

Pencil on paper enlargement, made as a guide

Working in greasy lithographic crayon on a sheet of True Grain

Adding Tusche Waterproof to define the negative space of the composition.

The True Grain is secured with registration pins over the guide drawing. What is painted red here, will be black in the final print.

Rendering the detail

I’ll be posting about this project as it progresses.

10 thoughts on “preparing artwork for a print

  1. I love this new look :
    Apart from having bigger size letters, with the white and the different shades of grey for the posts, it is easier on old eyes.
    Are you and Dan thinking of making prints of the Dark Movements series, after having finished with the Tiger ?
    Anyway, whatever this new look means, it is great.
    Thank you
    Love from boiling Madrid

    • Hi there Maria!

      Thank you for the comment. I’d had increasing word from Artloggers that the white on black was hard on the eyes, and so given that I’d had such an overhaul of the official website, I though I’d try a new, sleeker, eye-friendly Artlog design. It’s all-change at the good ship CH-J!

      In print terms, after the ‘Tiger’ I’ll be working consecutively on the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight series with Dan at Penfold Press, and on Hansel & Gretel with Simon Lewin for his Random Spectacular imprint, plus the ‘Tattoo’ exhibition for a ‘gallery’ show. While I’d like to make a Dark Movements print, it can’t be any time soon given the amount of work awaiting me. One for the back-burner.

      Try not to overcook yourself! (-;

      • Thanks ever so much !
        I have boring work to do now, but I am going to explore a little every day, I know I shall find all sorts of treasure… And speaking of treasure; I am going to save every Euro I can save, now that I know there are going to be several series to collect.

  2. Fascinating. A bit of mystery revealed. And I too am now saving my pennies for a print. I love this piece and even practised my own meagre drawing skills by trying to copy this.

  3. I’m captivated by this post Clive and the work that is emerging before our eyes.

    The printmaking process intrigues me, so I know that I am really going to enjoy this step by step guide from you, as work commences with Dan at the Penfold Press.

    The only slightly worrying prospect is that I am going to have find a way to add more wall space to my house, as I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist the results of this collaboration and I will definitely need somewhere to hang all those Clive Hicks-Jenkins prints! (-:

  4. Great to see you working step by step again.
    Hope you take it leisurely, as this last period of time until the Dark Movements launch must have been terribly taxing. Exciting and fulfilling too, of course.
    So, take it easy
    ( if you can )
    Love from scorching Madrid


    • Scorching here, too, Maria, though occasionally overcast with showers, which cools things off. Jack and I have just been down to the river for a swim. That was cooling, too.

      You’ve been working too hard as well, from what I hear. Please take care of yourself. Sending love from Wales.

      C xxx

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